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Hi everyone,

I’m Soonbo Han, one of the co-chairs of the Stereoscopic 3D Web CG, and working for LG Electronics.

My colleague Dong-Young Lee and I have been working on both standardization and implementation of stereoscopic 3D on the web. We believe that there must be a need for the Stereoscopic 3D web as stereo 3D devices become widely available.

We had initiated the Stereoscopic 3D web TF [1] in the Web and TV IG at TPAC 2012, of which the main goal was to discuss use cases and requirements. We also proposed an initial draft of the Extensions for Stereoscopic 3D support [2], in which several new CSS properties that enable existing web content such as HTML elements or stereo images to render in stereoscopic 3D were introduced.

We believe this CG would be the best place to discuss any topic related to stereoscopic 3D on the web and will contribute as much as possible.


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