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FAQs and Meeting Chat for Social CG Meeting

Social CG FAQs

The Chairs have prepared an FAQ with answers to common questions with regard to the Social CG and the working group system at the W3C. This FAQ answers questions such as:

  • Can the Social CG amend existing social web standards from the former WG?
  • Can the Social CG produce standards?
  • How does the W3C, the Social CG, and Social WG relate to ActivityPub?

If you have feedback about the FAQs, please join #social on and share your feedback.

IRC Chat

During Social CG meetings, we take notes in IRC. We also use IRC to record when participants have questions to ask during the call. Meeting notes are archived on the W3C website for later reference. A link to the meeting notes will be available shortly after the meeting concludes.

You can join the meeting chat by connecting to on IRC and joining the #social channel. You can also join directly from the website. If you join using the website, you will need to choose a nickname. In the Channels form, set the value #social.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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