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Read Write Web — Q3 Summary — 2017


A relatively quiet quarter in the community group, however, some good progress has been made behind the scenes.

There was a new release, this quarter, to  The Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is now a W3C Recommendation and ActivityPub is also a candidate recommendation.

There was light discussion on the mailing list, however, there was also a major release of node solid server (4.0.0) which includes a new authentication method, WebID-OIDC.


Communications and Outreach

There was some outreach the folks at the Rebooting the Web of Trust workshop, and I’ll also be talking to the team from Remote Storage, about reusing JSON-LD as part of their model for reading and writing to the web with HTTP verbs.


Community Group

A quiet quarter in the Community Group tho Sebastian Samaruga has been investigating the idea of Semantic Business intelligence and has started a blog and codebase on the subject.  There was also testing of the new version of node solid server with some success.




As mentioned above node solid server 4.0.0 now has WebID-OIDC support, N3 patches and many other features.

A new version of solid auth client was released in which will allow login via both TLS and OIDC.

It is possible to try out the latest version on the solid test server.  Which will lead the user to a default set of apps, and a data browser which both read and write data, and has quite a few built in apps which are fired off depending on the (rdf) type of data being viewed.


Last but not Least…

Virtuoso 8.0 was also released, with

ABAC (Attribute-based Access Controls) and the WebID+TLS+Delegation Protocol, existing open standards (such as TLS, HTTPS, URIs, and RDF) are leveraged to aid the development and deployment of new and more-agile services and solutions

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