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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (November 2013)


TPAC 2013 got under way in Shenzhen, China, this month.  The RWW group didn’t have a session this year, as not too many from the group were able to travel, however, hopefully we’ll have a room in next year’s event.

Five star Linked Data in JSON got one step closer, as JSON LD moves to candidate recommendation.  Additionally, RDF 1.1 JSON Alternate Serialization was released as a note.  An interesting report my McKinsey’s was published showing that Open Data can unlock 3 to 5 trillion dollars in value each year.

Congratulations to our co-chair, Andrei Sambra, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on “Data ownership and Interop. in Decentralized Social SemWeb”.  There was also some interesting discussion this month on advanced used of ACLs.

Communications and Outreach

Henry Story and Andrei Sambra, among others, were at a well attended 4 day workshop in Paris, hosted by Mozilla, entitled “Weave the web we want”.

Some of you may be interested by the interview I gave to the lod2 group.  I tried to talk about the advantages of read and write linked data as well as pointers to this, and other, community groups.

Community Group

The community group welcomes new joiners, from Stony Brook University and Stample.

There was some interesting discussions on ACLs this month, with advanced features explored such as regular expressions and cross origin resource sharing.  With also the idea of generic ACLs explored.


YouID, featured last month, is now available in both the IOS and Android app stores.  Congrats on bringing the goodness of linked data identity to the two biggest mobile platforms.

Last but not least…

Gmail.js – JavaScript API for Gmail seemed to be an interesting read and write technology that could augment the popular Gmail web service.  It may a valuable future exercise to try and combine a webmail server and client side javascript to make create new kinds of social experience.

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