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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (October 2013)


The Open Web Platform got a boost this month as Mozilla announced they are expanding their app store.  The aim is to make HTML5 apps (based on HTML + JavaScript) first class citizens of the web.  In their progress report they have demonstrated support for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux devices, in addition to regular browsers.

ISWC kicked off in Sydney Australia, which marked a meeting of the top minds in Linked Data.  One interesting paper that was noted as relevant to the Read Web, talks about the “Secure Manipulation of Linked Data“.

The Read Write Web Group has begun to incubate some specs on the broad topic of reading and writng, as well as access control.  More on this below.

Communications and Outreach

I was kindly invited to spend two days at the lod2 plenary.  Many thanks to Jindřich Mynarz for organizing a fantastic event.  I met with Sören Auer and many of the team working on lod2.  There is a a lot of impressive work coming out of this project.  You can check out the individual components or download the whole lod2 stack.

We’ve spoken to two social projects this month, lorea, and (previously the code base).  Both are interested in federating linked profiles for reading and writing.  The Linked Data Platform has also updated their Use Case and Requirements document.

Community Group

Claus Stadler, from the team at Uni Leipzig has joined our group and demoed some impressive work on javascript based visualizations of Linked Data.  More on this soon!

Work has continued towards creating a draft spec that describes what we’ve learnt so far in this ans other Community Group.  Also there has been some interest in an official Spec for Access Control on the Web.


An EU funded consortium have announced a linked data based social network, digital me, which is now ready for the first sign up.

Some great work from OpenLink as they have released a new version of YouID, an identity provider that allows you to take control of your existing social profile on the web.  I put together I simple “Hello World” app, which shows how to read and write linked data via HTTP PUT, PATCH and SPARQL Update.

Last but not least…

Kingsley spotted an interesting app, “Fred”, which creates linked data vocabularies from simple sentences.  It also has a graphical representation and a turtle serialization of the ontology.

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