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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (March 2013)


Some excitement on the web as the new version of HTTP (named HTTPbis) gets closer to being launched.  Kingsley has pointed out some important details related to URLs and the Content-Location header.

Linked data continues it’s steady progress with many of the world’s libraries publishing their data using the VIAF endpoint.

SPARQL 1.1 has been voted an official W3C REC, meaning we now have, a long awaited,  read write query language for the web.

Communications and Outreach

There has been good progress with with the WebID community group, in fixing some bugs in the cert ontology.  Also adding DSA keys, and discussion of further work.  I also informally talked to the bitcoin foundation, about creating a bitcoin ontology.  It’s a hope of mine that the read write web can be soon used for payments, and we seem to be getting very close now.

Community Group

A relatively quite March in the CG, we did however welcome SPARQL 1.1 as a REC, giving read and write querying ability on the web.  There has been some previous discussion about adding sparql to the “well known” pattern on websites, which is perhaps something that can be further incubated.

Some early feelers have been put out too, to see if anyone will be able to attend TPAC 2013 in China.


Some preliminary informal work has taken place to try and model crypto currencies for use in a read write ledger scenario.  Things that could be possibly modelled going forward are, payswarm (already linked data compliant), bitcoin, litecoin and ripple.

I’ve spoken to people at the bitcoin foundation about creating an ontology which could hopefully be an interesting use case for the read write web, working with interesting distributed computing problems such as, network synchronization, race conditions, the Byzantine generals’ problem, double-spending and reputation based trust.  Little in the way of prototypes at this second, but definitely more to come in this space!

Last but not least…

Google embrace the realtime read write web with their announcement of Google Drive Realtime API.  There have already been some previous RWW experiments with the Google Drive system, so it will be interesting to see what apps can be built on top of this!

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