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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (July 2012)


Awesome scenes in July as one of our members opened the Olympic Games.  Incredible to see millions of people around the globe paying credit to way the Web has changed everyone’s lives.

Growing pains experienced in two important specs: HTML5 being forked into HTML5 / “HTML Living Standard” and the main editor of OAuth 2.0 resigning, shows the challenges involved with scaling out technologies to massive audience.

The RWW CG experienced it’s busiest month to date, with many interesting discussions (more on that below).  RWW is now probably one of the 3 busiest community group at the W3C, so a big thank you for everyone that has contributed to the conversations.

Communications and Outreach

We are very happy to announce joining forces with PeerPoint, which is a blueprint for a vision of the web as a peer to peer space based on sovereign computing:

“To be the true owner of your information and of your computer’s hardware resources, as well as to share these things in any way you want and only with whomever you want. To participate in the Internet free of the middleman, as an autonomous, independent and sovereign individual.”

We look forward to working on standards and apps to help achieve this vision.

Read more here!

Community Group

Henry story has kindly agreed to organize an unofficial Face to Face meeting at TPAC 2012 in Lyon, France.  Perhaps a great chance to get some people together from various community groups and a chance to do some hacking.

The mail list has experienced its biggest volume to date with around 200 messages.  Welcome to new joiners, please feel free to join in discussions, start topics, write blogs posts or contribute to our wiki.


Lots of pieces of the puzzle coming together this month with signed mail over WebID successfully achieved.  Also it’s been possible to access user walls from the command line using simple scripts that will repost, for example, tweets from other services to MyProfile.

Excellent work from OpenLink again, with SPARQL endpoints fully access controlled via WebID, demoed.  A fantastic dropbox integration allows 5 star linked data to be published with an incredibly low barrier to entry.  Perhaps worth pausing to consider the implications of this.

More discussions on delegation, as we are gearing up to link apps and social networks together in a way that is intuitive to users.  Perhaps we are at the point where we can create an app store for the Web, and maybe even link in payments via payswarm.

Last but not least…

Spotter’s badge goes to Brad Jones for finding yet another of michael hausenblas’ awesome projects, Turtled – a simple RDF Turtle visualisation tool (with SVG export) launched

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