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EME Draft analysed

I’ve had the time to have a look at current EME draft.

It’s completely ridiculous and contrary to the logic of the old web to create a way to bind privative (closed) binaries without any control by the W3C just for playing against the users interest.

Ideas are to flow free (as in free beer and free spech). The worldwide library shouldn’t lead to closed doors. Knowledge cannot be bound by greed. Is that what you wanna leave to your children?

Someone told me once ago that the web was made to share and not to sell. If you go ahead with EME you’re going to change that. Isn’t it? And you’re doing that to serve who? Dark companies, the ones gathered here to address this nonsense, who never have enough money, no matter how much they get. I do tell you now that THEY already earn plenty of money… more than they actually deserve for the ways they behave. All this is process is dirty and gruesome.

If you persist on this ominous way… you’d have stained the web forever to a unrecoverable state.

My advice is: let them prosecute their wicked goals by their own means. Let them pay for it with their own money. No matter wether they use the web in conjunction with their own tools (e.g, CDM) or a completely propietary solution. Their nasty smell must not be permitted in the very fabric of the web.

A final note: After all, who in his right mind would work against itself voluntering to implement this EME? (Volunteers payed by W3C members doesn’t count. LOL)

2 Responses to EME Draft analysed

  • Wendy Seltzer

    Please refrain from name-calling and impugning the motives of participants. If you have comments on the proposal, those should be able to stand alone.


  • Julio Cesar Serrano

    I’m trying to get my point explained which is difficult. English is not my mother tongue. I do my best to try to keep the insulting terms as low as possible… but given the situation it is very hard.

    Well… I’ll endure for future comments.


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