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W3C mock’s users

When I read W3C arguments, I read everywhere “protected content”. What is this? Mockery? That is just propaganda to try to tip the scales towards the wishes of the industry. Why don’t they say “paid content”? Web content is there to be seen. Content needs not to be protected in any way.

To state it plainly open: the proposal’s goal has nothing to do with interoperability and the user needs. They want to save money hooking their DRM privative software to an html standard rather than keeping updating their current DRM costly platforms. This way, browser sellers will be forced to implement the damn hook. That’s is the whole thing.

So why all this futile chat? Most of the wrecked working group is filled with interested parts. The very group editors are people from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the lot. What’s this? A joke? LOL They’ve already decided it for all of us.

Ordinary people doesn’t understand what is actually happening here and they are busy sleeping their lives as ever. We should consider it done. Enough blabering.

Sorry for my rant 🙁

Best regards.

Julio Serrano

2 Responses to W3C mock’s users

  • I enjoyed your rant, Julio. You are quite right: no matter how many of us speak up, or how many different ways we make the overwhelming argument against EME, the W3C is obviously determined not to listen. They’ve already sold us out.


  • W3C members chose very well their representatives. All of them are really good at rethorics. Furthermore, most of them don’t mind about ethics, user rights or freedom at all. They’re engineers and just want to do their work for the ones that pay them. The bad thing is that companies who pay them just want more money and more control over the users. They don’t pursue such a thing as human rights, intimacy, privacy, etc. In order to earn more and more money, they plan to crush the general purpose computing. Hey, it may be not sane but gives profit.

    Thank’s 🙂


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