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Summary of group meeting and call to action

Dear all,

thanks to everyone for your contributions to today’s call. The replay is available at We made a very good step forward in defining the scope of the group, identifying problem areas, collecting input and discussing future work directions. The key items which were discussed are represented in the wiki already at, while some more structured minutes will be made available in due course.

As documented in the wiki, one of the main goal of the group is to identify key pattern and best practices for representing educational Linked Data. On the way, we are collecting information about available vocabularies, datasets and modeling cases. Please feel free to amend/comment any of the sections or to get in touch with us if you have any further suggestions or input.

In fact, this is meant to be an open call to all group members to provide their input, either directly into the corresponding wiki sections or via email to us/the group.

Also, I am sorry to hear that some of you had difficulty to join. Unfortunately, most conferencing systems require at least Flash or some other pre-installed plugin, where FlashMeeting seemed the least intrusive and most suitable option, and also has the added benefit of being recorded and archived for future reference. While it seems most convenient to stick to a video conferencing system (as opposed to a good old phone-based conference call) as it also allows sharing of documents and URLs, we are happy about any alternative proposals for our next call of the OpenEd group.

We are looking forward to your input and suggestions.

Stefan, Mathieu & Madi

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