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History of the group and the next actions

Dear Members of the Group

In November 2015 the idea of hosted extension has been initiated during Ontological Workshop in Kazimierz Dolny (Poland). The idea was then supported by Jerzy Wierzbicki, the President of the Association of Polish Beef and Robert Trypuz, KUL.

The first proposal of the extension have been developed by Robert Trypuz and his students (Patryk Matlak, Michał Sternik, Malwina Adamiec, Adrianna Lewandowska, Ewelina Pałka, Dagmara Siek and Joanna Wawrzyniec) during the next few months. It is available here:

In January 2016, the Meat Products Community Group was proposed in order to encourage more specialists, particularly from the meat industry, to join an open discussion about the best form and content of the extensions.

The current plan for the group is to discuss a set of types and properties describing meat products to be included into our proposal of meat hosted extension. This process will deliver a set of terms that shall enable webmasters to describe the most important meat products on their websites, and in other forms of digital communication.

We shall take into account terms proposed by UNECE standards and MSA which have been created to facilitate trade by recommending an international language for use between buyers and sellers. In the standards we find for instance terms describing types of production, packing or feeding systems. We shall also carefully analyze the websites of online shops selling meat.

We are looking forward to your active participation and fruitful discussions.

The Community Chairs:
Robert Trypuz
Jerzy Wierzbicki

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