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ifcOWL ontology file added for IFC4_ADD1

Download IFC4_ADD1.owl

There have been a number of EXPRESS-to-OWL conversion procedures suggested in the past few years, resulting in diverse ‘flavours’ of ifcOWL. It seems nevertheless useful to (also) have one common ifcOWL ontology which can at least be used as a reference ontology. Walter Terkaj and I have been trying to find such a common EXPRESS-to-OWL conversion procedure for IFC and corresponding ifcOWL ontology over the past few months. We tried to check on earlier versions and build a version that is not too specific (too much restrictions), but also not too generic (cfr. all strings in class ranges / no domains and ranges). Above all, we aimed at keeping the ontology in a DL profile, so that one can appropriately use it for reasoning purposes. I think we succeeded nicely.

The proposed conversion procedure and the resulting ifcOWL ontology are online: This is a proposal and request for comments: it would be good if the ontology and the conversion procedure is properly evaluated. We would appreciate your feedback in order to evaluate the ontology and perhaps still modify it!

What to do:
– go find the ontology file at the LinkedBuildingData portal or W3C Community group page
– go find a description of the conversion procedure at our W3C community page:
add feedback directly on the W3C community page or via the mailing list

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!! Note that is a public page, so you can share this information with whoever might be interested.

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