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An Introduction into Hyper Application Markup Language

Dear community,

I’d like to shed the light on Hyper Application Markup Language. It will describe a structure of the entire web application. Relations and transitions between HTML documents without HTML markup. I have a draft example of what I mean:

<site name=””>
<page name=”person”>
<link event=”address” page=”address”/>
<page name=”address”>
<link event=”person” page=”person”/>

<site name=””>
<page name=”person”>
<link event=”site1.person.create” page=””/>

As you can see the markup will describe relations between pages inside a web application instead of describing a single HTML document.

I have a prototype application that uses the same principles and similar markup on the execution background.
The application is represent by a lot of small components aka pages that communicate between each other using a similar approach (by firing events). It allows extending the application by introducing new page components and using the markup to wire them into the application. The application is extra flexible and by using the markup I can expose a subset of pages so they will look like a smaller application.

I’m going to create a community group around this topic and to create a comprehensive standard that will unify and simplify web application development around the world.

Kind Regards,
Aliaksei Papou

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