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Community & Business Groups

  • CSS-in-JS

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    A group to discuss proposals to make CSS-in-JS solutions more performance and also to discuss proposals to create browser APIs that can solve the same problems CSS-in-JS aims to solve in a framework-neutral manner.
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  • Conversational Interfaces

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    The mission of the Conversational Interfaces Community Group is to enable web developers to collaborate and share conversational experiences for a variety of domains. Most dialogue systems serve interactive experiences in their own domain specific language, causing a fragmented zoo of proprietary formats. For example, Google Home or Alexa do not share a common intermediate representation, which makes writing wide-spread content inaccessible to the mass audience. We study existing specs and design standards to harness proven techniques into common agreement.
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  • Improved Attention Allocation Using Economics

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    This group's mission is to discuss the state of the Web as it pertains to attention allocation, and to examine possible improvements in this area. The group's primary activity will be to initiate discussions around how the principles of economics and the notions of self-interest and trade could be brought to bear on the problem of allocating attention more equitably on the web. The deliverables may include reports, specifications, proof of concept, etc. with a view to eventually migrating the proposals generated here to an appropriate standards track, given adequate support. The ideal members who should consider joining this group are those who are working at the intersection of the Web, computer science, and economics. People who have skills in agent-based modeling of complex adaptive systems are also encouraged to join.
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