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Community & Business Groups

  • Real Estate

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    The mission of the Real Estate Community Group is to provide a forum for real estate-related technical discussions to track progress of technology features on the Web within W3C groups, educate on the use of Web technologies by external organizations, and to identify use cases and requirements that existing and/or new specifications need to meet to deliver a more inclusive, robust experiences to the Real Estate ecosystem.
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  • CSS Syntactic Sugar

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    The CSS Syntactic Sugar Community Group at the W3C does not define new functionality or behavior for Cascading Stylesheets modules. It merely documents “extras” that expand in systematic ways to existing features, e.g. premultiplied units, shorthand keywords, property aliases, counter styles or named colors and page sizes. Its specifications act as public registries of tokens and identifiers that the CSS and SVG WGs may later adopt verbatim or define in a compatible way. Preprocessors can therefore safely adopt them.
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