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Community & Business Groups

  • Inter-Platform Validation for Confidential Computing

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    The mission of this group is to discuss and ultimately formalise a communication framework to enable mutual validation and attestation of workloads performed in distinct confidential computing environments. The goal is to empower developers to leverage seamlessly the developing ecosystem of confidential computing solutions agnostically across vendors and opensource. It is not the motivation of this group to publish reports but rather work on testable deliveries, example implementation, user-stories. This group may publish Specifications. Individuals and organisations with intimate knowledge of the confidential computing world and adjacent topics such as cryptography and privacy are most welcome to participate.
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  • Blockchain Naming System

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    Explore blockchain based naming system used to name wallets and other objects stored in blockchains, such as non-fungible tokens. Blockchain elements are referred to by a long hexadecimal string. Just like IPv6 addresses, those are hard to remember. Creating human-friendly names that resolve to those strings was deemed an important step for the early adoption of blockchain technologies. Early blockchain developers did not develop DNS extensions for that purpose. They created entirely new alternative naming systems based on the particular blockchain they were working on. We are exploring all options for a unified web based solution to the problem.
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