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Community & Business Groups

  • Shape Expressions

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    This group serves to promote and expand ShEx – Shape Expressions. ShEx is an alternative to SHACL which uses a syntactic representation to describe the shape of an RDF graph. The Shape Expressions (ShEx) language describes RDF nodes and graph structures. A node constraint describes an RDF node (IRI, blank node or literal) and a shape describes the triples touching nodes in RDF graphs. These descriptions identify predicates and their associated cardinalities and datatypes. ShEx shapes can be used to communicate data structures associated with some process or interface, generate or validate data, or drive user interfaces. Spec at
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  • WebAPI Discovery

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    A group to develop a mechanism for the automatic discovery of WebAPIs, by extending the vocabulary. Increasingly, large online platforms and services provide one or more Web APIs for third-party developers. Moreover, many companies build WebAPIs as their primary product (Email API, SMS API, etc.). This has resulted in an explosion of the number of WebAPIs in recent years. Developers spend a significant amount of time searching for suitable WebAPIs to meet their needs. Our intention is to work closely with to define a WebAPI-specific extension and promote usage of this extension among API owners. In the long run, our aim is to contribute this extension into the core vocabulary. To achieve these goals we are seeking feedback and collaboration from API owners, DX specialists, API description language experts and maintainers of various API catalogs.
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