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  • - Health & Medical enhancement

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    The focus is on improving the quality and nuance of the terms in to maximize linkability, and to keep it as small, simple, and straightforward for the widest audience possible. Specifically: (1) For implementers: to maximize ease of linkage to existing, external, authoritative terminologies, ontologies,etc. (2) For providers: improve linkability with external sources of authoritative health information sources (NIH, PubMed, MeSH, etc.) (3) For patients: improve linkability and enrichment of digital content provided to patients from their healthcare providers (such as discharge summaries, lab results, etc.) (4) For researchers: Enhanced alignment with authoritative, scientific health data publishers.
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  • The Extended Web

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    The CG would deal with extensions allowing web-pages to communicate with local software as well as with devices connected with NFC/BLE
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