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Our financial extension promoted to !

Dear FIBO W3C community members,

I’m pleased to inform you that our proposal for the financial extension to based on FIBO, was accepted as a part of “pending” extensions:

In essence it means that our “hosted” extension proposal is just one step from being in full production mode of The time that lapsed since we launched our “Pull Request” was admittedly, quite long and it was mostly related to the large scale changes and improvements on side. Despite the long waiting, we are happy that our extension comes into much better system for global web vocabulary.

Individually, you can inspect our types and properties, through the direct links on

issue-1253 Types (6)
BrokerageAccount, ExchangeRateSpecification, InvestmentFund, MoneyTransfer, MortgageLoan, RepaymentSpecification
issue-1253 Properties (25)
accountMinimumInflow, accountOverdraftLimit, amount, bankAccountType, beneficiaryBank, cashBack, contactlessPayment, currency, currentExchangeRate, domiciledMortgage, downPayment, earlyPrepaymentPenalty, exchangeRate, exchangeRateSpread, floorLimit, gracePeriod, loanMortgageMandateAmount, loanPaymentAmount, loanPaymentFrequency, loanRepaymentForm, loanType, monthlyMinimumRepaymentAmount, numberOfLoanPayments, recourseLoan, renegotiableLoan

The new terms complement the previously accepted “core” terms:

MonetaryAmount, FinancialProduct, BankAccount, DepositAccount, LoanOrCredit, PaymentCard, InvestmentOrDeposit, PaymentService, CurrencyConversionService

leiCode, loanTerm, requiredCollateral, annualPercentageRate, feesAndCommissionsSpecification, interestRate

I would like to encourage you to comment about the new types and properties to be added to in the realm of FIBO. We need your voice !



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