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Call to implement the Second Editors’ Draft and share feedback

Over the past several months, the team has been collecting feedback from the community on the First Public Editor’s Draft. Based on that feedback and community support, we’re publishing the Second Editor’s Draft.

We invite everyone in the community to review this latest Editor’s Draft and join the conversation on GitHub as we finalize the remaining details towards publishing a Final Report.

For the first time, we also invite tool makers to start implementing the format with this milestone and share feedback with our team (GitHub preferred, or email to discuss other ways to share privately).

Thanks to everyone in the community for your participation. We can’t wait to build the future of design tokens together!

What’s new?

Here is an overview of what has changed in this Second Editor’s Draft:

Breaking changes

These breaking changes are the most significant updates in this second draft, and will be of most interest to tool makers who were already relying on the first public draft (such as the Figma Tokens plugin):

  • All format properties are now prefixed with $, as in: type$type
  • The font type has been renamed to fontFamily
  • The cubic-bezier type has been renamed to cubicBezier
  • User-defined composite types and the associated typedef type have been removed


Community feedback around efficiency and commonly used patterns informed these additions:

  • New fontWeight type
  • Additional pre-defined composite types, supporting a wider range of common composite token needs: strokeStyle, border, transition, shadow, gradient, and typography
  • Updates to groups, improving readability and consistency

A few other changes were made throughout the draft for clarity and grammatical errors.

We need your feedback

The Second Editor’s Draft is the “last call” for meaningful changes before the first Final Draft.

Post new issues or join in on the GitHub conversations about any concerns, additions, or other changes you’d like to discuss.

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