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Call to read the First Public Editor’s Draft and share feedback

Over the past several months, the team collaborated with multiple design tool vendors to draft the format module of the Design Tokens specification.

We’re now inviting everyone in the community to read the First Public Editor’s Draft and join the conversation on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone in the community and to all vendors who helped in reaching this milestone. We can’t wait to keep working with you and build the future of design tokens together!

What’s next?

  1. Editors will compile community feedback and work to reach a consensus on every issue that’s been raised. Expect the draft to change a lot during this step.
  2. Once critical issues are solved, we’ll publish a First Working Draft. Expect rare edits to normative sections of the Working Draft. At this stage, the specification can be used to build implementations. We’ll be collecting more feedback from vendors, tool developers, plugins/extension developers.
  3. Once multiple vendors have implementations that follow the Working Draft, we’ll move to Final Specification.

During steps 2 and 3, the W3C will review the reports to exclude any risk of intellectual property infringement.

In parallel, we’ll work on other modules that depend on the Format Module, such as Colors, Motion, Typography.

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