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First Editor’s Draft shared with design tooling vendors

Yesterday, we reached an exciting milestone and shared the First Editor’s Draft of the Design Tokens specification with design tooling vendors.

Screenshot of the first page of the First Editor’s Draft

The draft will be public soon. For now, there are critical questions that must be addressed with implementers (design tooling vendors). Once we have better clarity on these points, we’ll start collecting feedback from the broader community.

Here’s the message we sent to Google (Material Design), Framer, Marvel, ZeroHeight, Axure, Figma, Sketch, Adobe (XD), Interplay, Knapsack, Arcade, UXPin, Specify, Zeplin, InVision, Abstract, Zeplin, Modulz, and a few members of the CSS Working Group:


We’re excited to share the First Editor’s Draft of the Design Tokens specification.

You and your teams are the first to access this document. Share it freely with your colleagues, but wait until it reaches “First Public Working Draft” status to share it publicly.

Using your feedback and suggestions, we’ll make edits to the Editor’s Draft, which, I expect, will go through a few iterations. Once we’ve settled the most critical questions, we’ll release the First Public Working Draft. For areas that need further consideration, we’ll set up focus group workshops.

We appreciate feedback on all sections of the draft, and we added “Request for comments” blocks to guide your attention on areas we particularly need to disambiguate.

Please leave your comments, questions, and suggestions in the Google Doc, or email Jina and me (, sushiandrobots at gmail dot com) if you prefer providing your thoughts that way.

Later, when the document reaches “First Public Working Draft” status, we’ll use GitHub issues to discuss areas of the spec that need disambiguation.

Many thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!


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