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Notes on the .cv2 syntax

For the .cv2 syntax, I have spent some time researching syntax decisions and syntax specifications from other formats, particularly XML, JSON, YAML, RDF, and various programming languages.

As was already discussed on the mailing list, syntax is always an arbitrary decision.  The biggest part of people who will use a CV 2.0 will use tools and services in order to create their resumes. The greater vision is that people who are currently looking for a job do not have to open a word processor and fiddle around in order to align their picture with a heading but rather that they know about the services they can use or even learn to open their created .cv2 in any text editor and correct a newly changed telephone number themselves, then generate outputs in several formats.

I’d like to open a discussion on the .cv2 syntax, what we need are:

  • tag names
  • cross references to
    • file-internal tags
    • external values
  • skill levels
  • text spanning multiple lines in case we take a new line per tag
  • categories (mainly useful for skills, maybe something else like job categories in the future)
  • comments (so you can comment/uncomment data you want to use when outputting)

Levels and categories have their value for textual output, but they are crucial to visual output when charts and diagrams need to be created. The following is an idea of what the .cv2 could look like.

/* comments optional - filename: john_doe_timestamp.cv2 */
\\ Personal
fullname: John Doe
faoname: Mr Doe

\\ Professional
/* aliases can be created for any multi-tag properties,
but have to be created for user-defined properties, such as skills */
job1 AS j1
job2 AS j2 Some Company Name
j1.role: Senior Developer
j1.description: "this text spans several lines and is rendered similar
to the <pre> tag in HTML - preserving line breaks" The previous or next company
j2.description: "created \{url:} in this job,
email to \{} for questions, can also use \{email}"
j2.additionalInfo: some more blah, had a contract for \{j1} while doing this

\\ Education Some University
edu1.dataEnd: BSc

\\ Skills
CSS AS css
Java AS java
Project Managemenet AS pm

scale1: [0-100]
scale2: [Beginner, Intermediate, Expert]

css.level: \{scale1:67}
css.category: markup languages

java.level: \{scale1:85}
java.category: programming languages

pm.level: \{scale2:Expert}
pm.category: organizational

\\ Personal
/* you can concatenate information manually anytime,
systems using the .cv2 will re-format the data */

If you have any comments or want to discuss further topics, you’re welcome to do so via the public mailing list. A concrete proposal including explanations of why, how, and additional information on the syntax will be posted until September 30th, 2015. The next posts before the proposal will include the first visual .svg template and some time frames on deliverables for our group.

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