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Vote: Base Format

Following up on our mailing list discussion (see subsequent mails for further replies), a vote is needed in order to proceed. According to the charter:


Votes are public and any decision needs 2/3 of voting participants to come into effect. Voting lasts for 14 days or until all Participants have voted.

The vote is about the format that we use as basis for our work.

Here are the options, ordered alphabetically:

  • .cv2: CV2 (suggestion is to use properties as tag names and decide on a simple syntax)
  • .html: HTML+RDF
  • .html:
  • .json: JSON Resume
  • .rdf: RDF

The vote is effective until September 8th, 2015. This is a call to all participants of this group – please vote on one of these options per e-mail to the public mailing list, otherwise we have to wait until the vote is over. Ideally, we have a consensus decision or at least 5/7 participants voting for the same format. Otherwise 2/3 of the voting participants are needed for a decision.

If you definitely want to abstain from voting, please state so as well, so we don’t have to wait the full 14 days. Thank you!

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