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How is this group different from microformats’ hResume?

The next question we were asked is if we are aware of microformats and how we intend to differ from hResume or whether there is any difference?

Yes, we are aware of microformats. We want to achieve a similar thing as they do which is semantics. This end result is similar but we are striving for a complete approach, a specification and guidelines that cater to a resume and are not only a collection of tags that advanced users can use to add to their resume. While the IndieWeb is great, not many people will find out about it and then even less people will want to take that approach. It is important to bring semantics to the mainstream, which can only happen if enough people have a benefit from it – consumers of the Web just as much as creators. Basically, microformats are great but neither are they widely adopted nor, for most people, simple to use.

We are striving for a clear and uncluttered file format, most likely extending or basing upon tags, but this is a point of meeting and mailing list discussions. The group can then continue giving clear specifications on how to implement a system that can convert this file into HTML with microformats and to SVG using clear tags so that it could even be converted back to the file or into each other. Let’s say the file extension, for recognition’s sake, is .cv2. We are working on:

  • defining what the .cv2 looks like and what it can do
  • defining system specifications and guidelines for
    • conversion to visual templates in other formats
    • converstion to meaningful tags for these other formats

If implemented correctly, the system should be able to receive, for example, an .svg and convert it to an .html without losing meaning or data. A recruiter could get hundreds of .cv2, use a corporation-specific system that outputs all the .cv2 files in the recruiter’s preferred style so they have an easier time finding the right match. These are some use cases – we will upload concrete use cases once the group has had their first meetings or mailing list exchanges.

If you have never heard of microformats before and don’t quite get what it’s all about but would still like to ask more questions, share thoughts and ideas – you are welcome to join us!

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