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CSS Accessibility Community Group

Document and describe how browsers and assistive technology currently implement CSS in regards to accessibility and guidance on how they should. The documentation and guidance will be directed at both CSS implementers and developers who use CSS.

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Flexbox Tests – test cases for CSS Accessibility Community Group

I don’t know if it is all right, to make a fresh post … 🙂

A little late but finally ready: test cases for CSS flex box layout and its accessibility issues.

As expected flex box possibilities to change content order is critical to keyboard users.

All browser and screen reader use for keyboard use source code order and not visual content order generated with CSS.

This can be quite confusing and depends on use case of reordering content. At worst it can be more like a zigzag on the page.

Only current Firefox is using visual order in old flex box specification and ordinal-group.

New spec is hard to test because only chrome is supporting it. Internet Explorer 10 and some versions of Webkit nightly do too. So I have to keep an eye on development and update test cases when browser get more along with the new spec.

Also we have to consider that browser and screen reader might adapt on visual content flux with flex box. No one knows.

I will keep test case updated.



I have updated the test cases to the new standard spec of flex box. Tests are now also on documented for mobile – iOS and Android. And as for today for IE 11, which is supporting new standard spec out of the box.


Group Communications: Preferred Tools

Hi folks,

In Working Groups we use phone, IRC, wiki, blogs and F2Fs to foster group communications. As a community group, we have all of this technology as well.

I realize everyone has personal preferences. I personally think this blog (viewable to you via email, RSS, etc.) is best for now as our main point of contact, and the existing wiki (not yet fleshed out but feel free to jump in!) for projects, brainstorms and other issue tracking.

For IM, voice, video – let’s gather preferences. I personally do not care what we use so long as everyone else is happy.

As for F2F’s – we’ll see how things go and then you can all come to mine some time for a poolside BBQ Wild Wild West (WWW) style.

Molly (all my puns are bad puns)


Welcome, Welcome

Hi Everyone!

Molly here, current chair of this CG (that’s open for discussion btw, right now the group needs a cat herder and apparently I’m her!)

I’d like to extend a welcome to all existing and incoming folks and ask that you write a few words about yourself, where you live (Time Zone too, please), your interest in CSS and Accessibility, and what you feel your strongest skills to contribute would be such as:

  • Code samples
  • Writing and editing administrative documents (Charter, etc.)
  • Writing and editing best practices documents
  • Promoting best practices to social networks online
  • Promoting best practices and this CG’s purpose at barcamps, sigs, conferences and other F2F’s
  • Gather top resources for CSS practices in general from around the Web
  • Add your vision here!

Concerned About Need For Updated CSS Accessibility Draft

Steve, all – the CSS accessibility best practices publication died somewhere along the way.

With the increasing additions of gradients, animations, transitions/transforms and other changing visual styles, it’s becoming ever more important to offer some best practices for these individual concerns.

I’d be interested in working on this. I’ve been appointed Community Group Liaison for issues related to CSS and a11y – so any help/input they can offer, they are happy to do so.

Molly 😀

CSS Accessibility what next?

The group has been created, people are starting to join. Over the next week I will start to jotting down idas for initial work. If you have ideas please add them to the list!