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Welcome, Welcome

Hi Everyone!

Molly here, current chair of this CG (that’s open for discussion btw, right now the group needs a cat herder and apparently I’m her!)

I’d like to extend a welcome to all existing and incoming folks and ask that you write a few words about yourself, where you live (Time Zone too, please), your interest in CSS and Accessibility, and what you feel your strongest skills to contribute would be such as:

  • Code samples
  • Writing and editing administrative documents (Charter, etc.)
  • Writing and editing best practices documents
  • Promoting best practices to social networks online
  • Promoting best practices and this CG’s purpose at barcamps, sigs, conferences and other F2F’s
  • Gather top resources for CSS practices in general from around the Web
  • Add your vision here!

11 Responses to Welcome, Welcome

  • Ricardo Vercesi

    Hi there!
    I’m a webdeveloper from Portugal (GMT) and I’ve been fascinated with CSS, Usability, User Experience, Accessibility since I can remember.
    Although I’m more developer than designer I believe in HTML5/CSS3 leading the way for the future and I am honored to be able to participate in this (and others) community.
    I can contribute with code, writing, promoting, whatever is needed.
    Hopefully this will be a chance to contribute with something grand and, at the same time, learn from it.
    Regards to all!


  • Rich Quick

    Hi all,

    I’m a front-end web developer from the UK, currently residing in sunny Glasgow, and head up a team of web devs for a large car company.

    I’ve been involved in web accessibility since 2001, and used to do a lot of work in the area, but it’s something that’s kind of dropped of the radar in the last few years.

    I’m a very strong front-end developer, a decent writer and speak at conferences and barcamps and other grass roots events reasonably regularly.

    I’d be happy to supply code samples and work on best practice documents.

    Also, I’m a strong UI designer and am happy to act as an advocate of designers.

    One thing I know from the “first” wave of accessibility advocates is that if designers are told they need to make their designs look crap in order to make them accessible it’s going to be almost impossible to get buy in from designers.

    So, I feel it’s important that our examples in best practice documents don’t look like they’ve been designed by developers. I’m thinking more WASP than RNIB .. if you know what I mean.

    I can obviously do design work on documents, sites etc.

    Anything else, just holla.

    – Rich


  • Hi Ricardo, Hi Rich! Welcome 🙂

    Okay, I have homework for you both.

    Ricardo: Can you pick ONE feature in CSS that you feel requires some #a11y (anything with behavior comes to mind, particularly in CSS3 with animations, gradients, transforms, etc. and write up an assessment of what might be that feature’s #a11y issues and some suggestions as to what might be done with them?

    Rich: We definitely need an #a11y Zen Garden as it were. Here’s homework for you: Find one page on any “ugly but accessible” site and make it beautiful, retaining WCAG2 AA principles. You can even improve the #a11y – a before/after example.

    I’m going to work on some of the official documentation we need for the group and continue herding cats on in to see what we can do. In the meantime, this homework can get us started with some of the practicalities of what we’ll be doing.

    There’s no deadline, but obviously the more we can produce the better opportunity we have in bringing these resources online.

    Mols xoxo


  • Rodney Weis

    Hi everyone,

    I am a freelance front-end web developer from Calgary, Canada (MDT = EDT – 2:00). I have always had an interest in promoting semantic and valid markup, and feel privileged to be part of this community group.

    It is exciting to be in a position to help ensure that HTML5 and CSS3 specifications are developed in a responsible manner that promotes accessibility. I will make contributions wherever needed, and would likely be most effective in documentation (both administrative and best-practice) and writing code samples.

    Warm regards to all, I look forward to working with you to support this important task.



    • Welcome Rodney!

      One thing we need to get working on is our group charter. Here’s a task for you: Can you look at existing Community Group charters (there aren’t many yet I believe) and provide us with a brief assessment of some of the actual tasks we need to accomplish to get our charter underway?



      • Rodney Weis

        Thanks, Molly – shall do! I’ll report back to everyone once I’ve examined the existing CG charters.



  • Sylvia Egger

    Hi Molly,

    I am frontend developer with strong focus on accessibility over the last 10 years and I am living and working in cologne germany (UTC/GMT +1 hour, Central European Time).

    I think writing and editing – as far my english is enough 🙂 – is no problem, also code samples.

    For instance I am interested in such layout models as flexbox and its ability to change content order – how this is performed in a11y – if there are issues.

    I like to make test cases for instance.

    This are my small visions for this project … 🙂




    • Hi Sylvia! Great to have you involved 🙂

      I have an immediate task for you. Can you work on a test case for flexbox and any potential issues in content order (such as when reversing box direction – I’d love to see that). This is exactly the sort of thing we need to begin documenting and creating test cases for in order to figure out best practices.

      Layout in general is going to be difficult. Regions and Exclusions will be especially interesting, I think, since they actually use float models which have known content flow issues as it is.

      Sound good?

      Mols xo


  • Sabine Moebs

    Hi everybody,

    I just found the community today. I hope things will kick off after the summer break 🙂

    I am in Dublin, working on a framework to combine accessibility, usability & UX in cross-device development. CSS, HTML5, etc as well as project management comes into the mix.

    Currently I am working with the art director of a web development agency. We are trying to make a few proposals, how to combine these three concepts into the requirements and design stage.

    I’ll be happy to submit input as soon as we have something – and I’m always happy to follow new links and ideas 🙂

    Best regards


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