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Invitation to Sponsor Accommodations

The Accessibility for Children Community Group Seeks Accommodation Sponsors

This group is working to provide pragmatic information to help design tools and apps with embedded accessibility for children. Tools and products which incorporate accessibility are inclusive by design and safer for all users. Accessibility needs are functional, age and context related.

Our group meets bi-weekly to share research and to document research and awareness gaps. We are actively documenting functional needs in child-specific contexts to present for consideration by those developing guidelines, standards, and awareness initiatives. Providing information in a format that is helpful for the WCAG 3.0 effort is a priority for our group.

Our sponsors allow these efforts to be inclusive of a variety of perspectives. Sponsors cover the costs of accommodations or directly provide accommodations. Accommodations that we anticipate needing include:

  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Real-Time Live Captioning (CART)
  • Legal advice and accommodations designed to give children a voice in our community group.

If you are interested in potentially sponsoring, please send a note to
The group’s chairs will be delighted to contact you to discuss. Sponsors are encouraged to select the particular accommodations they wish to sponsor to enable greater inclusion.

Fields: entertainment, education, gaming, healthcare, crisis communication
Contexts: Online or mixed, XR, Emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence

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