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Minutes and Resolutions Oslo F2F Tuesday 2010-08-24: GCPM, MQ, Flexbox, Multicol, box-shadow, Publications, Future F2Fs

By fantasai September 2, 2010 (Permalink)
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CSS3 Generated Content for Paged Media

Håkon would like to prepare the module for CR. Several people feel many of the features would be better placed in more appropriate modules, e.g. hyphenation to CSS3 Text. Some features may be underdefined. But nobody objected to any of the features fundamentally.

Wrt hyphenation:

Reviewed several other features including:

Hit Testing

Styling Attributes

Resolved: Publish CSS Styling Attributes as Candidate Recommendation.

Media Queries

Snapshot 2010

Resolved: 2010 Snapshot is 2007 Snapshot + Media Queries

Selector Serialization


Multi-Column Layout


F2F Scheduling

Tentatively scheduled: March 7-9 (MTW) 2010 in Mountain View and June 1-3 (WTF) 2010 in Tokyo

Full minutes

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