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Minutes and Resolutions Oslo F2F Wednesday 2010-08-25: Fonts, UI, Writing Modes, i18n, Template Layout, Values and Units

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Testing and PR

John Daggett from Mozilla took Microsoft’s marketing dept. to task for publishing PR articles using test results from unreviewed Microsoft tests “that wouldn’t even pass Microsoft’s internal review” while implying that they were accepted by W3C.

Advice for the future use of test results in marketing materials include:


jdaggett reviewed the font-variant-* features. Comments included:

Writing Modes


Resolved: Add #rrggbbaa to CSS4 Color.

CSS3 UI and UI Selectors

i18n: list-styles and Indic layout

Discussed request for list-style: auto: Authors can already map list styles to languages with :lang(), so this feature does not seem necessary. Also, it would require a great deal of research to specify adequately. The CSSWG would consider adding the feature described if someone else did the necessary research to draw up an exhaustive table mapping lang codes to list-style-types and the Internationalization Working Group approved it.

A new group at W3C is planning to draw up requirements for Indic layout, similar to the JLTF efforts.

CSS Template Layout

Discussed Hyatt’s proposal

to alter syntax to make prefixing easier (which has the side effect of making the style sheet easier to understand, especially for someone unfamiliar with the Template module). The WG votes to add slot() notation to the ‘position’ values and to wrap the template strings in functional notation rather than add a new property as in Hyatt’s proposal.

CSS3 Values and Units and calc()

Proposed to move CSS3 Values and Units to Candidate Recommendation to get calc() out. Starting by trimming any unfinished features and drawing up an at-risk list in prepartion for Last Call. This would mean: dropping fr and gr units, since they aren’t standalone units anyway; and marking vh, vw, vm, and min() and max() at-risk.

Full minutes

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