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Minutes and Resolutions Oslo F2F Monday 2010-08-23: CSS2.1, CSSWG Charter, Viewport Sizing

By fantasai September 2, 2010 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

CSS2.1 Issues

CSS2.1 Test Suite

Discussed Release Candidate criteria, what happens to tests that are wrong, making implementation reports, and how we are measuring test coverage of the spec.

Test suite RC scheduled for September 15th; test errors must be fixed before RC. Implementation reports due 1 month after RC publication.

CSSWG Charter

First cut of 2010 module priorities (may be shuffled around later)
High Priority → Maintenance
High priority
Medium Priority
Low priority
  • CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 4
  • CSS Filter Effects (applying SVG filters to CSS layouts)
  • CSS Grid Positioning
  • CSS Line Layout
  • CSS Scoped Style Sheets
  • CSS UI Level 4
  • CSS Tables Level 3
  • Selectors Level 4
Not Yet Prioritized
  • Media Queries 3 Revision 1 (adding OM and serialization definitions)
  • Selectors Level 3 Revision 1 (adding OM and serialization definitions)

Viewport Meta and CSS Syntax

Reviewed Rune’s proposal for an @viewport rule to set the size of the inital containing block independently of the viewport itself.

Comments included

Resolved: CSS Device Adaptation added to charter at medium priority, Rune to edit along with someone from Apple.

Full Minutes Monday

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