ISSUE-140: max-height on flexbox children

max-height on flexbox children

CSS3 Flexbox
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Alex Mogilevsky
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How does max-height on items affect alignment and box height?

Current implementation treat it inconsistently. In one implementation setting max-height on a child limits height of the flexbox.

max-height *should* be honored, and have no special effect on any other child or the flexbox as a whole.
(details of alignment behavior need to be worked out, specifically interactino of max-height with box-align:stretch)

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Resolved @FTF:
On a child of a flexbox , ‘max-length’ specified in transverse direction (‘max-height’ in horizontal flexbox or ‘max-width’ in vertical flexbox) has the effect of limiting the size of the element. It changes the effective size of the element for the purposes of calculating the size of the flexbox; it has no unusual effects beyond that.
If in a flexbox with “box-align:stretch” one or more children have ‘max-height’ or ‘max-width’ that make their dimension in transverse direction smaller than other children, such children are aligned as if with “box-align:before”

Alex Mogilevsky, 25 Aug 2010, 09:00:10

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