Changelog between May 23, 2016 and May 30, 2016

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ISSUE-1 (closed)
ISSUE-2 (raised)
ISSUE-5 [fallback color] (closed)
ISSUE-16 [no clip] (closed)
ISSUE-24 [clip and origin shorthand] (closed)
ISSUE-39 [media-queries-page-size] (closed)
ISSUE-52 (raised)
ISSUE-57 [fixed backgrounds for paged media] (closed)


ACTION-768: Rossen Atanassov to Review issue 39 of the grid spec (open)
ACTION-769: Peter Linss to File an issue against the tag to fix the general pushstate / url reference problem (closed)
ACTION-770: Tab Atkins Jr. to Look into supports on mq (open)
ACTION-771: Peter Linss to Flip auto-resubmitted tests back to needs work if needs work was not auto-flagged (open)
ACTION-772: Greg Whitworth to Write basic contrib (open)
ACTION-773: Geoffrey Sneddon to Come up with a syntax for shepherd to be able to get the issues (open)
ACTION-774: Geoffrey Sneddon to Get the automatic tagging setup - figure it out (open)
ACTION-775: Peter Linss to Get the github issues reflected in shephard (open)

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