Changelog between November 18, 2015 and November 25, 2015

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ISSUE-10 [position from right] (closed)
ISSUE-11 [position from end] (open)
ISSUE-12 [position rect()] (closed)
ISSUE-13 [background-origin] (closed)
ISSUE-16 [no clip] (closed)
ISSUE-22 [bg-break bounding-box] (closed)
ISSUE-24 [clip and origin shorthand] (closed)
ISSUE-25 [multiple borders] (closed)
ISSUE-28 [centerless border image] (closed)
ISSUE-44 (closed)
ISSUE-45 (closed)
ISSUE-54 [border-style-joins] (closed)
ISSUE-64 (raised)
ISSUE-67 (open)
ISSUE-69 (closed)
ISSUE-72 (raised)
ISSUE-82 [update-MOBILE-BP] (raised)


ACTION-726: Florian Rivoal to Try and implement some approximation of the outline algorithm using selectors, for bookmark-level. (open)
ACTION-727: Tab Atkins Jr. to Write poll about naming of "true" keyword, using suggestions in the minutes. (open)
ACTION-728: Chris Lilley to Propose color profile feature for css (open)
ACTION-729: Tab Atkins Jr. to Drop color-correction property (open)
ACTION-730: Tab Atkins Jr. to Update grid with this resolution (open)
ACTION-731: Hyojin Song to Clarify polar-distance percentages when origin is not the center (open)
ACTION-732: Hyojin Song to Work on polar-distance: contain; keyword proposal (open)
ACTION-733: Bert Bos to Republish speech (open)
ACTION-734: Bert Bos to Publish update wd to box model in 4 weeks (open)
ACTION-735: Peter Linss to Remove cssom-values and redirect to houdini typed om (closed)
ACTION-736: Chris Lilley to Publish variables as cr (open)
ACTION-737: Chris Lilley to Publish will change as cr (open)
ACTION-738: Florian Rivoal to Review status of device adaptation (closed)
ACTION-739: Florian Rivoal to Review changes in device-adaptation to see if we need a new wd or just a date bump (closed)
ACTION-740: Florian Rivoal to Republish mq4 (open)
ACTION-741: Alan Stearns to Figure out status of non-element selectors (open)
ACTION-745: Florian Rivoal to Write a note on user-select for multi-range (closed)
  • 2015-11-18 17:41:08:
    * Created action 'Write a note on user-select for multi-range' assigned to Florian Rivoal, due 2015-11-25
  • 2015-11-23 02:39:54:
    * <Florian Rivoal> Status changed to 'closed'

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