Failure of Success Criterion 3.2.5 due to changing the context when the user removes focus from a form element

Important Information about Techniques

See Understanding Techniques for WCAG Success Criteria for important information about the usage of these informative techniques and how they relate to the normative WCAG 2.1 success criteria. The Applicability section explains the scope of the technique, and the presence of techniques for a specific technology does not imply that the technology can be used in all situations to create content that meets WCAG 2.1.



This technique relates to Success Criterion 3.2.5: Change on Request (Failure).


This document describes a failure that occurs when removing focus from a form element, such as by moving to the next element, causes a change of context.


Example 1

The user is going through the form filling out the fields in order. When he moves from the third field to the forth, the form submits.



  1. Find all form elements.
  2. Go through them in order.
  3. Check if the form submits when you move from one field to the next.
  4. Check if moving from one field to the next launches any new windows.
  5. Check if moving from one field to the next navigates to another screen.

Expected Results

  • If step #3, step #4, or step #5 is true, then this failure condition applies and the content fails the Success Criterion.