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Technique F60:Failure of Success Criterion 3.2.5 due to launching a new window when a user enters text into an input field



This technique relates to 3.2.5: Change on Request (Failure).


This document describes a failure that occurs when a new window is created in response to a user filling in a text field for other than error reporting.


Example 1

This is a deprecated example showing a failure: A user is filling in their mailing address. When they fills in their postal code, a new window opens containing advertisements for services available in their city.

Example 2

This example is acceptable: A user is filling in their mailing address in a form. When they fill in the postal code field, a script runs to validate that it is a valid postal code. If the value is not valid, a window opens with instructions on how to fill in the field.



  1. Find all text input form fields
  2. Change the value in each form field
  3. Check if new windows open
  4. For any new windows that open, check if they contain an error message and a button that closes the window returning focus to the initiating form element.

Expected Results

  • If #3 is true and #4 is false then failure condition applies and the content fails this Success Criterion.
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