TPAC 2021 Meeting Overview

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Minutes and Videos of TPAC 2021

Ideas of Groups to meet with?

Check out the APA Meetings at TPAC 2021 wiki for other meetings that Silver is invited to.

  • APA on Component Libraries, Third Party, Protocols
  • EO for help on How-To and incorporating their existing resources
  • COGA on drafting new guidelines - COGA TPAC joint meeting planning page
  • Groups that we want help with writing Methods
    • ePub - with APA
    • Immersive Captions? - (TBD when we have active work)
  • Groups who would work on content for WCAG3
  • Internationalization? (not until later - TPAC 2022)
  • Browser Testing Rules - do they have tools or ideas that could help us with ACT proposals? Would they consider including accessibility -- (check with Wilco, it be premature.)
  • Children's Accessibility Community Group? (just re-starting up)
  • Alastair's idea of bringing in speakers on ISO standards like?

EO - Education and Outreach


  • Scheduled: No date/time yet
  • Description: Help for developing How-To
  • Key Invitees: EO & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Brent & Sharron (Jeanne sent)

Topics Proposed

  • agenda+ intersection of EO and WCAG3
  • agenda+ If and where EO wants to contribute
  • agenda+ Timelines
  • agenda+ WAI-wide glossary
  • agenda+ Overview of How-to ?



  • Scheduled: Thursday, 28 October, 11am ET / 8am PT, during COGA Task Force meeting time
  • Description: new guidelines, protocols
  • Key Invitees: COGA & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Lisa & Rain

Topics Proposed

COGA Agenda & Meeting info

  • Mapping the method template and content usable
    • Additionally, review the method template for cognitive accessibility
  • Review COGA's approach to testable statements to confirm these are what Silver is looking for, and come together to determine the best approach
  • Clear Language method draft
  • Help method draft



  • Scheduled: No date/time yet
  • Description: what they want to include in WCAG3
  • Key Invitees: ePub (Charles & Abnish) & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Abnish - cc: Janina

Topics Proposed

  • Scope of what they want included in WCAG3

Breakout Proposals

  • W3C Breakout Session Ideas wiki
  • The Method template for groups who want to write for WCAG3 - talk with Wilco about co-creating a presentation
  • Introduction to WCAG3 with latest updates
  • Maturity Model introduction

General TPAC Info