TPAC 2021 Meeting Overview

From Silver

Minutes and Videos of TPAC 2021

Ideas of Groups to meet with?

Check out the APA Meetings at TPAC 2021 wiki for other meetings that Silver is invited to.

  • APA on Component Libraries, Third Party, Protocols
  • EO for help on How-To and incorporating their existing resources
  • COGA on drafting new guidelines - COGA TPAC joint meeting planning page
  • Groups that we want help with writing Methods
    • ePub - with APA
    • Immersive Captions? - (TBD when we have active work)
  • Groups who would work on content for WCAG3
  • Internationalization? (not until later - TPAC 2022)
  • Browser Testing Rules - do they have tools or ideas that could help us with ACT proposals? Would they consider including accessibility -- (check with Wilco, it be premature.)
  • Children's Accessibility Community Group? (just re-starting up)
  • Alastair's idea of bringing in speakers on ISO standards like?

EO - Education and Outreach


  • Scheduled: No date/time yet
  • Description: Help for developing How-To
  • Key Invitees: EO & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Brent & Sharron (Jeanne sent)

Topics Proposed

  • agenda+ intersection of EO and WCAG3
  • agenda+ If and where EO wants to contribute
  • agenda+ Timelines
  • agenda+ WAI-wide glossary
  • agenda+ Overview of How-to ?



  • Scheduled: Thursday, 28 October, 11am ET / 8am PT, during COGA Task Force meeting time
  • Description: new guidelines, protocols
  • Key Invitees: COGA & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Lisa & Rain

Topics Proposed

COGA Agenda & Meeting info

  • Mapping the method template and content usable
    • Additionally, review the method template for cognitive accessibility
  • Review COGA's approach to testable statements to confirm these are what Silver is looking for, and come together to determine the best approach
  • Clear Language method draft
  • Help method draft



  • Scheduled: No date/time yet
  • Description: what they want to include in WCAG3
  • Key Invitees: ePub (Charles & Abnish) & Silver/AGWG
  • Contact: Abnish - cc: Janina

Topics Proposed

  • Scope of what they want included in WCAG3

Breakout Proposals

  • W3C Breakout Session Ideas wiki
  • The Method template for groups who want to write for WCAG3 - talk with Wilco about co-creating a presentation
  • Introduction to WCAG3 with latest updates
  • Maturity Model introduction

General TPAC Info