TPAC 2021 initial planning

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

COGA TF Meeting at TPAC 2021

The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force will meet during the virtual TPAC meetings in 2021. Specific dates, times and links will be added as they become available.

In addition, the sponsoring Working Groups will conduct separate meetings:

  • APA WG


IRC access An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call.

  • Server:
  • Port number: is 6665

IRC made simple: IRC is like our chat room. You can join us on IRC simply by clicking on

The channel is #coga You can write any name as a nickname

COGA Meetings & Overview

These meetings will be for anyone to attend, and will enable everyone from other groups (especially chairs) to become familiar with COGA considerations and needs.

Breakout sessions

  • How to Work with COGA
    • Planning: Jennie, draft outline and session slides
    • Session 1: Tuesday, October 19 at 11:00 AM ET
    • Session 2: Wednesday, October 20 at 8:00 PM ET
  • Content Usable: user needs to specifications

Schedule overview

NOTE: we are still scheduling joint sessions for the week of Oct 25.

Mon 18 Oct Tue 19 Oct Wed 20 Oct Thur 21 Oct Fri 22 Oct Mon 25 Oct Tue 26 Oct Wed 27 Oct Thur 28 Oct
Personalizing the Web for Better Accessibility , 10:00 AM ET, 3 UK, 5 IST (1 hour) Accessibility of Remote Meetings (general, not COGA specific), 9:00 AM ET (1 hour) TBD Accessibility for Children (general, not COGA specific), 10:00 AM ET (1 hour) TBD TBD Positive Work Environments, 10:00 AM ET (1 hour), PWE zoom link, IRC: #pwe RQTF, 10:00 AM ET (1 hour), join link, IRC: #coga Internationalization, 10:00 AM ET (1 hour), Join link, IRC: #coga
TBD How to work with COGA, 11:00 AM ET (1 hour), IRC: #cogainclusion TBD COGA Content Usable: user needs to specifications, 11:00 AM ET 3:00 PM UTC (1 hour), IRC: #cogapanel TBD TBD TBD Personalization, 11:00 AM ET, 15:00 UTC (1 hour), join link, IRC: #coga Silver, 11:00 AM ET (1 hour), Join link, IRC: #coga
TBD TBD How to work with COGA, 8:00 PM ET (1 hour), IRC: #cogainclusion TBA TBD TBD TBD TBD TBA

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Joint Meetings & Agendas

APA groups (APA, Personalization, Internationalization)

Personalization - Wednesday October 27, 11:00 AM ET


  • Meeting date and time: TBD
  • Agenda topics:
    • Getting to know each other
    • How can COGA support APA’s work
      • User needs in content useable
      • Specification reviews
      • Additional needs as defined by APA
    • How to support COGA in being able to follow APA’s review periods, timelines, and needs
      • Perhaps set up a schedule for bringing issues to each other
      • Prioritize presentations and conversations on COGA TF meetings, rather than asking COGA to read something in an email or CFC?
    • How to get APA attention, for example the4 requested for a dedicated tag for easy language auditory tracks, and for literal content.
    • What challenges is APA working on at this time that we might be able to bring insight to?
    • How can we facilitate engagement between APA and COGA in a way that meets the unique communication needs of both our task force, and members of APA?
    • What's next?
  • Main contacts: Janina?, Becky?, Rain?


  • Meeting date and time: Thursday, October 28, at 10:00 AM ET
  • Join link: TPAC event page
  • IRC: #coga
  • Topics:
    • Getting to know each other
    • Research and credibility - how to address international suggestions
    • Cognitive understanding in international contexts
      • Consider international variations of the meaning of “clear text” and “readable presentation”, and how we can approach creative effective guidance
      • Initial conversation: Issues in some languages · Issue #248
    • (if time) Identify areas where the needs of internationalization and the needs of coga intersect, and use cases that lend to common guidance
    • Collaboration opportunities and communication approaches to work together
  • Main contacts: Addison Phillips, Rain Michaels

RQTF -- Wednesday October 27 at 10:00am ET

  • Meeting date and time: Wednesday October 27 at 10:00am ET (1 hour)
  • IRC:
  • Join: TPAC event page
  • Topics:
    • Introductions, getting to know each other
    • How can RQTF help COGA:
    • COGA is also working on writing specifications with Silver, and have a few research topics that are coming up (example, how search helps or creates a cognitive barrier). Are these research questions ones that RQTF can help with?
      • Can we bring granular questions to this group, such as some of the ones we are working through with Clear Language
    • How can COGA help RQTF
      • Coga has a lot of user needs. Can we build inclusive research methods to include user needs and research around individuals with cognitive differences
    • Can we contribute to the RQTF process to help ensure coga groups are represented. (Many of our user needs are described in Content Usable)
    • Next steps and approaches to communication to support those next steps
  • Main contacts: (RQTF/APA) Janina, Jason White, Scott Hollier; (COGA) Rain, John Kirkwood

AG groups (Silver, ACT)

Silver -- Thursday, 28 October, 11am ET / 8am PT (1 hour)

  • Meeting date and time: [need to reschedule] Thursday, 28 October, 11am ET / 8am PT (1 hour)
  • COGA representative responsible for slides and preparation: Rain
  • Topics:
    • Overview of how we are mapping the method template and content usable
    • Approaches to testable statements
      • Review COGA's approach to testable statements to confirm these are what Silver is looking for, and come together to determine the best approach
      • Where do use and avoid belong
      • Testable statements: one large statement, or smaller units?
      • More clarification on the different types of tests that have been outlined
      • Adding user tests (and clarify the difference between Holistic tests and User tests
    • Specific methods we are writing:
    • Schedule and review process, expectations
      • How should COGA be reporting back to Silver?
    • If time: how can we review the method template for cognitive accessibility
  • Contacts: Shawn Lauriat (Silver), Rain Michaels (COGA)


  • Meeting date and time: TBD
  • COGA representative responsible for slides and preparation: TBD
  • Topics:
    • Building end-user testing with individuals with cognitive disabilities into scoring methods
    • new tools that do not fit in the act patterns
    • AI confidence level
    • user testing
  • Main contacts: TBD

Positive Working Environments (PWE)

  • Date and time: Tuesday 26 October at 1400 UTC (1 hour)
  • COGA representative responsible for slides and preparation: TBD
  • Topics:
    • Representation of individuals with a variety of cognitive differences and disabilities
    • Inclusion of individuals with cognitive differences in meetings, reviews, and creation
    • Working with community groups with cognitive differences
  • Main contacts: Tzviya Siegman, Léonie Watson, Rain Michaels, Lisa Seeman
  • Needs: Have our inclusion document ready and reviewed

Mobile Accessibility Task Force

  • Date and time: November 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM ET (during the regular COGA TF call)
  • Teleconference information:
  • Topics:
    • Brief intros
    • Hear briefly from everyone around several things:
    • where you think Mobile and Coga needs may dovetail
    • where you think they might not dovetail
    • share some knowledge you have about your area that might be useful for the other group to know
    • let the other group know if there's something specific you'd like to know from them
    • anything else you want to say
    • Consider choosing some things that come out of that round of sharing for further discussion.
    • And then maybe another round of questions for each other.
  • Main contacts: Roy Ran, Rain, Kimberly Patch,