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  • Introduction

    To learn about the purpose of the APG, the prerequisite knowledge it assumes, and how it is organized, read the Introduction.

  • ARIA Basics

    Facilitate success when applying APG guidance by developing a solid understanding of what ARIA is, what accessibility semantics are, and their purpose and limitations with this section about ARIA Basics.

  • Acknowledgements

    To learn about the people and organizations who contribute to the development of the APG, read the Acknowledgements.

  • Change History

    A history of how the APG has changed, dating back to 2014, including easy access to the detailed commit log is available in the Change History.

  • Related Specifications

    The APG synthesizes guidance based on information from several specifications. While the guidance contains contextual links to relevant specifications, it can be handy to have a consolidated list of all the Related Specifications.

  • Coverage and Quality Report

    Objectives of the APG Task Force include providing guidance or examples for all ARIA attributes and doing so with code that implements practices documented in the APG code guide. As the APG is revised, the build process updates our view of Progress toward these objectives in the Coverage and Quality Report.

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