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Change History

Change History

APG 1.1 supported ARIA 1.1, and this version, APG 1.2, includes changes to support version 1.2 of the ARIA specification. It also includes nearly 200 significant updates to improve the quality and breadth of content. A detailed log of all changes is available on the wiki of the w3c/aria-practices GitHub repository. Highlights of major changes to support ARIA 1.2 as well as some of the improvements include the following.

  • Added section to provide guidance related to 38 document structure roles, 18 of which are new in ARIA 1.2.
  • Revised guidance for roles where naming requirements changed in ARIA 1.2. ARIA 1.2 prohibits names on some roles. ARIA 1.2 removed naming requirements from some other roles.
  • Added naming guidance for 18 roles that are new in ARIA 1.2.
  • Revised the combobox pattern and 4 combobox examples to reflect the ARIA 1.2 revisions to combobox.
  • Added example illustrating changes in ARIA 1.2 that enable creation of custom select-only comboboxes, which are similar to HTML select elements. This replaces the Collapsible Listbox example, which is now deprecated.
  • Revised the listbox pattern to specify how to utilize the new ARIA 1.2 support for named groups of options and Added a new listbox example to demonstrate the named option group feature.
  • Revised the editor menubar example to illustrate new ARIA 1.2 support for named groups of items in a menu.
  • Updated the listbox and tree patterns to reflect current browser processing of aria-selected and provided guidance regarding the use of aria-checked to communicate selection.
  • Added section providing guidance about properties used with range widgets, such as aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax.
  • Added a design pattern and example implementation of the meter role, which is new in ARIA 1.2
  • Added two examples that demonstrate how to create rating inputs, one based on slider and one based on radio group.
  • Added two other slider examples: a vertical temperature slider and a media seek slider.
  • Added a switch design pattern and three example implementations: one made from a div element, one based on HTML button, and one that uses HTML checkbox input.
  • Added a button example that illustrates use of the new ARIA 1.2 IDL interface.
  • Added a date picker example that illustrates choosing a date with a combobox.
  • Added another example of a disclosure navigation menu that demonstrates how to include top-level links.
  • Added example of a sortable table.
  • Changed all example pages to include a Jump to menu, a button to open the example in CodePen, and added a prominently placed warning with guidance about testing before re-using example code.
  • Improved support for high contrast settings and added detailed documentation of high contrast support in many examples.
  • Improved support for touch-based screen readers in several examples, most notably in sliders.
  • Due to change in ARIA 1.2, removed Math role from list of roles that have presentational children.
  • Developed a comprehensive set of coding standards for HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the APG and updated a significant portion of content to conform with the standards.
  • In response to feedback, fixed many documentation errors and functional bugs in examples.

Comprehensive lists of closed issues included in APG 1.2 release 1 are tracked in the following GitHub milestones.

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