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This page is now out of date. For the latest review radar see

Internationalization Review Radar

This page summarizes upcoming specifications that the Internationalization Working Group is aware of that need to be reviewed for internationalization-related considerations. Please refer to the instructions for how to raise and track issues.

The Internationalization community is invited to participate in this process. By contributing reviews and review comments, you can help ensure that W3C Specifications and documents from other standards bodies and groups that the Internationalization Working Group has reviewed are truly "global ready". Help us advance our mission of making the World Wide Web truly World-wide!


Currently the Internationalization Working Group uses GitHub Issues to keep track of our comments on various specifications and other documents.

Historically we used the Tracker tool (list of open issues, sorted by product). And before we used Tracker (and this page), we used a different format to keep track of reviews and our comments. For those historical comments, look here: Former Review History

There is also a list of issues raised against i18n Activity documents.

Current Reviews

Documents Being Tracked

  This page is no longer current. Look here: New Radar Page

This page is frozen in time. If you know of a document that we should be reviewing, please contact the chair to add it to the list.

Your comments can help spec developers address internationalization requirements most effectively.

Working Group Documents

Look here for Internationalization WG project work that is not related to reviews. The following items are available for public review using the same process as above:

Document Status Due Date Tracker Shepherd
Indic Layout Requirements FPWD N/A Tracker #67 Richard, Addison
Language Tags and Locale Identifiers Editor's Copy (github) N/A   Addison
Character Model: String Matching and Searching

Editor's Copy

WD N/A Tracker 49 Addison
Chinese Layout Requirements Editor's Copy (github) N/A Tracker 82 Richard
Korean Layout Requirements WD N/A   Richard, Addison

Completed reviews

Document Status Date Added Due Date Tracker Shepherd Review Requested
XQuery 3.1 LCWD 2015-12-17 2016-01-31 Tracker92 unassigned N
XPath 3.1 LCWD 2015-12-17 2016-01-31 Tracker92 unassigned N
XSLT and XQuery Serialization 3.1 LCWD 2015-12-17 2016-01-31 Tracker92 unassigned N
Service Workers LCWD 2015-09-23 unknown Tracker 88 Steve N
Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) CR 2015-08-20 2015-11-20   unassigned N
CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (CSS UI) CR 2015-07-15 2015-10-07 Tracker6 unassigned N
Counter Styles Level 3 CR 2015-06-24 2015-09-09   unassigned N
Tracking Compliance and Scope LCWD 2015-07-15 2015-10-07 Tracker87 Steve N
Web Payments Use Cases 1.0 REVIEW REQUESTED   2015-06-15
comments requested
Tracker 81 Richard Ishida
Model for Tabular Data and Metadata on the Web REVIEW REQUESTED 2015-04-20   Tracker 70 unassigned
Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data REVIEW REQUESTED 2015-04-20 none Tracker 77 unassigned
Generating JSON from Tabular Data on the Web REVIEW REQUESTED 2015-04-20 none Tracker 79 Steve Atkin
Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web REVIEW REQUESTED 2015-04-20 none Tracker 80 Steve Atkin
DOM4 LAST CALL   2015-05-19
Media Capture and Streams LAST CALL 2015-05-15 Tracker 78 Addison
I-D file URI scheme Internet-Draft ?? Tracker72 unassigned
WebVTT: Web Video Text Tracks FIRST PUBLIC 5 March 2015
Tracker73 Addison
Manifest for web application LAST CALL 5 March 2015 Tracker74


Proposed Draft UTR #51, Unicode Emoji Unicode PRI 26 January 2015 Tracker66 Addison
HTML5 LAST CALL 2014-07-15 Tracker WG
Encoding LAST CALL 2014-07-01 Tracker WG
HTML Media Capture LAST CALL 2014-07-24 TBD needed
Ambient Light Events LAST CALL 2014-07-24 TBD needed
Vibration API LAST CALL 2014-07-24 TBD needed
Content Security Policy Level 2 LAST CALL 2014-08-13 TBD needed
CSS Flexbox Level 1 LAST CALL 25 October 2014 Tracker#31 Addison
Tracking DNT LAST CALL 18 June 2014 TBD Tracker
CSS Variables 2nd LC 30 May 2014 TBD Tracker
Polyglot 2nd LC 2014-02-20 Richard Ishida (No comments)
CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders LAST CALL 2014-03-03 Addison Phillips Product 55
CSS3 Text Last Call 2013-11-07
(extended for I18N)
Addison Phillips Tracker Product 15
CSS3 Syntax Last Call 2013-12-17 TBD Tracker Product 53
High Resolution Time 2 Last Call 2014-01-08 TBD (needs tracker)
CSS Shapes Last Call 2013-12-03 Addison Phillips Tracker Product 43
RDF 1.1 Document Set
  • RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax [1]
  • RDF 1.1 Semantics [2]
  • TriG [3]
  • N-Triples [4]
  • N-Quads [5]
LAST CALL 2013-10-17 Felix? Tracker
PRECIS Framework IETF WG LC 2013-09-04 Addison Phillips Tracker
PRECIS Mappings IETF WG LC 2013-09-04 Addison Phillips Tracker
XSLT 3.0 LAST CALL 26 November 2014 Tracker63 Steve Atkin

Documents Tracked by the Working Group

These are documents of interest to the Internationalization Working Group or the Internationalization community. Links here are useful for finding documents that we intend to review at various stages of maturity. Reviews of these documents are welcome, but you should carefully examine the 'SOTD' (Status of this document) section and the current editor's copy's instructions for how to proceed and the relative maturity/stability of any document.

Previously Completed Reviews

Document Shepherds

Documents listed here are "shepherded" by the listed WG member.

In Need of a Shepherd:

  • note
  • EmotionML 1.0
  • Contacts Manager API


  • CSS3-lists
  • CSS3-ruby
  • HTML Ruby Extension
  • UTR#20
  • HTML Long Description


  • CSS3-text
  • CSS3-text-decoration
  • HTML Encoding Specification
  • HTML5
  • Contacts
  • API for Media Resources 1.0


  • CSS3-writing-modes
  • UTR50
  • CSS3-flexbox


  • Notifications
  • SysappAlarms
  • SysappContactsManager


  • HTML Polyglot
  • xinclude
  • ITS-20


  • UAX#9

John O'Conner:

  • WOFF

Previously Unreviewed

These are items that the Internationalization Working Group did not review during their Last Call period due to lack of community involvement or interest.

LAST CALL  17 January 2015  no tracker yet  unassigned

Web Messaging Review ends: 2012-04-03 (no review)

Web Workers Review ends: 2012-04-03

Geolocation API Specification Level 2 Review ends: 2012-01-15

DeviceOrientation Event Specification Review ends: 2012-01-15

CSS Speech Module Review ends: 2011-09-30

Unicode Properties for Vertical Text Layout Review ends: 2012-01-30

CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (CSS3 UI) Review ends: 2012-02-14

WAI-ARIA 1.0 User Agent Implementation Guide Review ends: 2012-02-17

[ ] Organization Ontology LC Review Ends: 8 April 2013 [ ] Data Cube Vocabulary (QB) LC Review Ends: 8 April 2013