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Articles & tutorials parking lot

This page has been superceded by a new article pipeline on github.

This page lists resources in development or that should be developed, such as articles, tutorials, tests, etc. It also lists resources that need to be updated.

See also the Project radar

This work falls under the W3C Internationalization Activity

To do


Using the q element and styling it

Using start and end with text-align

Using counter-styles for numbering lists, etc


Language tags in HTML and XML mention -t extension

Choosing a Language Tag mention -t extension

Selecting Glyph Variants

Background images that support localization article, refer to border-radius

Waiting for resources

Unicode in XML and other Markup Languages NOTE

Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Resource Identifiers NOTE

Using date and time constructs in HTML5

Time and date formats around the world

Forms & encoding article


Web Services Internationalization (WS-I18N) NOTE To be deprecated.

Language Tags and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web NOTE

Twinkle in the eye

Article Extracting text from XSLT code


To see articles being translated, and articles needing retranslation after changes to the English version go to