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This wiki is used by the Internationalization (i18n) Working Group at the W3C for collaborative development of i18n articles and for gathering information about feature requirements.

If you're looking for an overview of the i18n work in progress see the Project Radar.


2022 TPAC Agenda


+ Non English sites

+ What is Happening with "International URLs"

+ Improving text layout and typography on the Web and in eBooks

+ Chinese font families

+ Draft Best Practices for Specification Developers

+ Locale-based forms in HTML pages

+ Encoding test plan

Guidelines in development

+ Charmod_norm

+ Bp_spec_bidi


+ Translation links

Process docs

+ How to review specs and raise issues

+ Keeping tracker issues up to date

+ Shepherding old tracker-issues

+ Setting up the tracker for new documents



Out of date pages

+ Core_Homework