Setting up the tracker for new documents

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When a new document is produced by another working group, and there are comments we want to make on it, or issues we want to track, then we need to add labels to the WG's repo, set up notifications, and build it into our tracker mechanism. Follow these steps:

Adding labels to the WG repo

  1. Go to the repo for the new document, and click on Issues/Labels
  2. Check that there are labels for i18n-needs-resolution and i18n-tracker (If not, create them, using exactly that text for the label, and the standard #F9C9FF colour.)
  3. Add labels for any lreq groups that might be relevant (these can be added to later, as needed). The text on these labels should be one of i18n-afrlreq i18n-alreq i18n-clreq i18n-elreq i18n-eurlreq i18n-hlreq i18n-ilreq i18n-jlreq i18n-klreq i18n-mlreq i18n-sealreq i18n-tlreq (The text must be exact, and the colour will be #fef2c0.)

Set up notifications

  1. Go to and click on the edit icon.
  2. Find and add the repo name (include w3c/) to the list under 'repos' for the topic 'Review comments'. This will send out notifications in the daily digests.
  3. Find public-i18n-core and do the same thing under 'I18n repos'. This will add the repo to the weekly digest.
  4. Add a short commit title and select "Create a new branch and start a pull request".
  5. Click on Commit changes, and wait until the checks have been run.
  6. (Assuming the checks pass) Merge the commit.

Set up our trackers

  1. Go to and click on Labels
  2. Add a new label which begins with s: followed by the short name of the document as its text, and uses the colour #6bc5c6. The text of the label shouldn't include version numbers.

Then follow the normal process for labelling the relevant issues in the other WGs repo and creating tracker issues in our w3c/i18n-activity repo, and look out for a notification the next morning.