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Remaining tasks prior to publication.



Type-picking definition

Sign off of my changes to terminology section.

Deal with missing hanzura definition.

Proportional definition

Definition for furigana?

Tsumegumi definition

Change to to for in the document title ?

Resolve 2.5.1e Magazines may place the captions of illustrations outside the column area or between columnscolumn gap. Ed. I think this changes the meaning and so should say 'or in the column gap' (Some people regard this as bad style.)

REsolve 3.1.1 For KATAKANA-HIRAGANA PROLONGED SOUND MARK "ー", the difference between vertical and horizontal writing modes is not only in the orientation of the letter formcharacter shape Ed. if there's a strong consensus I'll change this, but I think letter form is better, since it echoes 'letter face' just above, and avoids the mixing of concepts of characters (best reserved, in my view, for abstract code points) with glyphs (which is what we're actually talking about here). to the inline direction, but also the shape of the symbol (see [Fig.63]).

Remove all change marks from the body and appendices (assuming the changes are acceptable). (Since I haven't heard anything for some time, I'll probably just go ahead with this.)

Publication work

Make sure that graphics work with pub version

 <anan> English pub version assumes all images are stored under "./images/".
 <anan> Japanese pub version assumes to be placed under "./ja/" and for its image files to be stored in "./ja/images/"

Produce some text to describe changes since the latest version and add to Appendix I

Remove the red color from <em> styling

Fix problems identified with pubrules checker

Spell check whole document

Check links

Check validity of html and css

Move the prepped file to a new directory /TR/2009/NOTE-jlreq-2009XXXX/

Run pubrules, html validity, css validity and linkchecker once more

Send request for publication

Work with webmaster to ensure all correct and ship shape

Wait for webmaster to publish........

DONE (party!)