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The Homework Page

Indicates things the Internationalization Core WG members should read/do before upcoming telecons. Please propose additions by sending email to member list using subject "agenda+ <topic>". Note that items will not necessarily be dealt with in the same order during the telecon.

IRC Access

This meeting uses IRC channel #i18n. Web client is here:

 Web IRC Access <-- fixed 2013-04-18

What Time Is The Meeting At?

The teleconference time is currently Thursdays at 1400 UTC.

The next meeting (23 October 2014) will be the last at this time.

We will not have a teleconference during TPAC (since we'll be meeting F2F) or during the week of IUC38. The following meeting (13 November 2014) will be at the new time (1500 UTC).

How To Dial In

Tel: +1-617-324-0000
Meeting number: 640 626 095
Meeting password: i18n (case sensitive)

A convenient way to join the call is to use the Web client (see below) that leads to a Skype-like web-based call. Webex will want to install a program on your machine. There are also applications for iOS and Android; on the other hand, the application does not exist for Linux.

Using the web interface makes it easier for the chair (host) to see who's on the call, and saves time. You can also see who is talking (or making noise) at any point.

WebEx can also be used just like zakim, ie, dialing in.

  • Dial In Number: +1-617-324-0000
  • Access code: 640 626 095

If one logs in but does not start a call, it is possible from there to ask for a dial back to another number (internationally).

Note that the zakim *bot* (eg, queue control) is not bound to WebEx. We can use the zakim bot for q+/q-/ack (unfortunately, there is no queue control in WebEx).

See also Web Ex Best Practices Wiki page. In particular, note that the host is the only person who can mute others on the call (there is only one host). The host will not, however, unmute people using the webex interface, since that may constitute a privacy issue. If you get muted, you'll need to unmute yourself using the webex interface or ask to be unmuted via IRC.

  • Each participant should type present+ <name> in the irc channel immediately upon joining the call*

Action items


Main Working Group Resource Links

The main mailing list for the Working Group's public work is the same as the Internationalization Interest Group list: