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Teleconference Agendas and minutes

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Meetings:Telecon2017.07.2424 July 2017F2F review
Meetings:Telecon2017.07.3131 July 2017DCAT edittion, Use Case 37 and Requirements
Meetings:Telecon2017.08.077 August 2017UCR flow, UCs 3, 46-48
Meetings:Telecon2017.08.1414 August 2017UCR, UCs 46-49 Cox
Meetings:Telecon2017.08.2121 August 2017UCs 47-49
Meetings:Telecon2017.08.2828 August 2017UC 48, reqs 6.5-6.9
Meetings:Telecon2017.09.044 September 2017UC 50, reqs 6.5-6.9
Meetings:Telecon2017.09.1111 September 2017Grouping Requirements
Meetings:Telecon2017.09.1818 September 2017Grouping Requirements and Versions
Meetings:Telecon2017.11.077 November 2017Requirements, f2f planning
Meetings:Telecon2017.11.1414 November 20172nd F2F Review, Rob
Meetings:Telecon2017.11.2121 November 2017Timeline, Profile Requirements, DCAT
Meetings:Telecon2017.11.2828 November 2017UCR FPWD, DCAT, Profiles
Meetings:Telecon2017.12.055 December 2017Promoting UCR FPWD, Work on DCAT and Profiles
Meetings:Telecon2017.12.1212 December 2017Promoting UCR FPWD, DCAT update, Profiles timeline
Meetings:Telecon2018.01.099 January 2018DCAT & Profiles meetings
Meetings:Telecon2018.01.1616 January 2018Define profile; sub-group meetings
Meetings:DCAT-Telecon2018.01.1717 January 2018DCAT subgroup kick-off call
Meetings:Telecon2018.01.2323 January 2018Define profile; sub-group meetings

This table shows only the most recent meetings. A full list of all agendas and minutes is available in the Meetings Archive

Telecon logistics

How to connect to the Data Exchange Working Group weekly call

Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)

The meeting time is changing to Tuesday at 17:00 In Boston, 21:00 UTC. The following week, the meeting will be at 16:00 in Boston, as North America switches to Winter time.

The meeting details are available in the W3C Member restricted archive and have been emailed directly to all meeting participants. You can also email Dave Raggett <>. Note that to avoid fraudulent use of MIT resources, we are not permitted to post details in a publicly accessible location. This includes the meeting access number, the meeting password, and the link to the WebEx page for the meeting. Please don't share these in a public context.

You can connect to audio for free via your computer provided it has a microphone and audio output. Alternatively, you can dial in with a regular telephone using the phone number and access code in the meeting details. This is a US phone number so you will incur the corresponding call charges.

For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues please join the IRC channel: #dxwg on on port 6667

When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ your_name' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)

Please be sure to join both IRC and WebEx and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)

See WebEx Best Practices for further information

Hints for scribing

  See instructions or for even more detail

Face to Face Meetings

F2F 1

F2F 2