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Dataset Exchange Working Group (DXWG)

Process 2020

This comes into play from 15 September 2020 and is described in Process 2020 Information

Charter 2020


Dates for CR

Deliverable Date
Last date to give WG doc for review Sept 17, 2019
WG vote on CR September 24, 2019
Publication request September 25 or 30, 2019
Publication October 3, 2019
60 day exclusion period October 3-end December 2019
Implementation report October 31, 2019
Editorial changes allowed to mid-November
No substantive changes after September 24, 2019

Community review

List of community members to contact for review

Working Documents

Use cases and Requirements

DCAT deliverable


Resolutions relating to Profiles

  • Definition of Profile .. RESOLVED: to adopt this definition of 'Profile' - "A named set of constraints on one or more identified base specifications, including the identification of any implementing subclasses of datatypes, semantic interpretations, vocabularies, options and parameters of those base specifications necessary to accomplish a particular function. "

Tools and support

Key Dates


  • W3C publishing moratorium 12 through 17 May 2018
  • December 19, 1200Z: Deadline for publication requests before moratorium
  • December 20: Last publications before moratorium
  • December 24 - January 1: No publications
  • January 3, 2019: Publications resume


  • W3C publishing moratorium 6 through 11 April 2019

Background and reading

W3C Documents

Non-W3C Documents

Application Profiles

Other AP
IETF def of Profile

Mappings to/from DCAT (and DCAT application profiles)

Background About Profiles


Content Negotiation


Schemas maybe useful for description of profiles

Related non-W3C vocabularies

Resources for Transition To PR etc.


Participation in the DXWG is subject to the usual W3C Membership rules. Representatives of Member Organizations should contact their AC Rep to join the WG.

Non members are encouraged to make comments and contributions via [archive]

See also the WG's primary mailing list and GitHub Repository where issues are raised and discussed.

See also the participants list


The WG Chairs are Caroline Burle, and Peter Winstanley. Staff contact is Philippe Le Hegaret. You can e-mail the chairs at