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Welcome to the Media Annotations Working Group Wiki

This Wiki contains information about the Media Annotations Working Group. Further information is available from the Working Group homepage.

Scribe List For Teleconference

volunteer basis... thanks for all volunteers.

Discussion pages

Face-to-face Meetings

[1st] Cannes (FR), 23-24 October 2008

[2nd] Ghent (BE), 9-10 December 2008

[3rd] Barcelona (ES), 16-17 April 2009

[4th] Stockholm (SE), 25-26 June 2009

[5th] Santa Clara, California (USA), 5-6 November 2009

[6th] Seoul(KR), 23-24 February 2010

[7th] Vienna (AT), 26-28 April 2010

[8th] Sophia-Antipolis (FR), 8-10 September 2010

[9th] Lyon (FR), 4-5 November 2010

[10th] Cupertino, CA (US), 15-16-17 February 2011

[11th] Sophia-Antipolis (FR), 28-29 June 2011

[12th] Colocated with I-Know / I-Semantics in Graz, (AT), 06-07 Sept 2011

[13th] Santa Clara, California (USA), 3-4 November 2011