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The following table lists reviewers of the media mapping format table.


This table shows a list of media mapping format to be reviewed.
Each format has an editor (who initially provided the format mapping) and two challenging reviewers.

Please put your name for two format reviews. The availability of formats to be reviewed is based on first come first served.

Reference Material

The Testsuite Format table is now moved. please refer to this new File.

The following table is deprecated.

EBU Eurovision News 2

Format Metadata Provider RDF Metada Format reference
Dublin Core Thierry
ID3v2 Pierre-Antoine RDF / Turtle (as text) bach.mp3
RDF / Turtle (as text) complete.mp3
QuickTime Courtney
MediaRDF Vocabulary (Video) Tobias
LOM v1484-12-1 Tobias RDF LOM Example
METS v1.7 Tobias
EXIF v2.2 (Tags + Info List Chunk) Tobias RDF, Turtle EXIF Sample
Cablelabs ADI 1.1 Joakim Turtle ADI Example
DIG 35 Chris DIG35_RDF DIG35_youtubeExample
Media RSS v1.1.2 Wonsuk
TXFeed v0.9 Wonsuk
Youtube v2.0 Wonsuk RDF and Turtle Youtube Example
IPTC NewsML-G2 Jean-Pierre
EBU Eurovision News 1

TV-Anytime (search for TS 102 822 3-1) Jean-Pierre BBC example
EBUCore Jean-Pierre
MPEG-7 v2 Werner RDF MPEG-7
SMPTE RP210-11 Werner and DMS1 RDF SMPTE example
OGG Silvia
TTML Werner RDF TTML example
XMP Felix
Container Formats
3GP Courtney
Flash Thierry
MP4 Courtney
WEBM Silvia