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Proposition for a rationale for selecting sub-properties for the MAWG core properties: a starting point for selecting relevant sub-properties could be to look at the mapping tables provided by Jean-Pierre Evain (, and check out in his tables which sub-properties apply to at least 3 metadata schemas; this would constitute the first list from which we would select a subset by voting, as for the core properties set. Note: the reference to the schema (name of the schema/standard) which the sub-property belongs to should be kept.

A specific set of sub-properties is the one suggested by the PLING W3C group, dealing with right management issues on the Web: ma:policy (former ma:license) should have the following set of 3 sub-properties: ma:license, ma:access, ma:privacy With this set, we would provide a complete set of possible right-related information contained in resources metadata.

Preliminary work by Joakim gathering possibly relevant sub-properties, collected form different existing formats:

ma:identifier UMID, EASN

ma:title Album Title, Song Title

ma:location Recording Location, Depicted Location

ma:Date Create Date, Publishing Date

ma:rating Review Rating, MPAA, Personal Rating, Review Context

ma:collection Album, Personal, My Favorites


ma:targetAudience Age group, Geographical

ma:contributor and ma:creator

Normative role types:

editor (EBU 11.1)
actor (EBU 25.9)
distributor (company)
production company

All role types; EBURoleCode, Version Date: 01.05.2009

relation types (NA)


version of
reference  (literature, book, web site)
sound tracks
influenced by
followed by
similar theme
similar touch
is similar to
nominated award
origin country

About the Role types: The creator of a collection can indeed be mapped to ma:creator, with a property specifying that the meaning or scope of "collection author" is narrower than the one of ma:creator

Good approach. For the API, I think keeping the number of methods small (e.g. one property = one method) would be good too. To capture the differences you mention one could create different signatures, e.g. getCreator(mediaResourceURI) getCreator(mediaResourceURI,COLLECTIONCREATOR) with COLLECTIONCREATOR being a constant for the roles. In that way, the user of the API has both options: getting just all creator information (first method call) or only a specific one (second call).

A possible name for the role could be "curator". In a museum a curator is someone who is responsible for an exhibition and who is in charge of a certain collection of artworks. Or to put it simple the name of the role could just be "collection creator".