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Les bonnes pratiques du Web mobile

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, responsable de l'Initiative pour le Web Mobile au W3C

Paris Web 2007

Paris, France, 16 novembre 2007

À la découverte du Web mobile

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L'Initiative pour le Web Mobile

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A few phones across time

Pourquoi faire ?

Picture of the iPhone

« mobile, mobile, mobile » — Google

  • E. Schmidt, Google
  • iPhone, Android, N95
  • en France: forfaits données illimités, version mobile de Voyages SNCF
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Trois groupes de travail spécifiques

As of December 2008, the Device Description Working Group has finished its work, and a new Interest Group dedicated to Mobile Web for Social Development was created. MWI Group.

Photo d'une femme hurlant d'horreur face à son téléphone portable

Plus jamais ça!

91.3% of the French population has a mobile phone subscription as of December 2008 (ARCEP study).

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Aperçu des Mobiles Web Best Practices

Le document:

The Mobile Web Best Practices were officially published a W3C standard in July 2008.

The Mobile Web Best Practices flipcards are now available as PDF.

The next generation of best practices, focusing on mobile web applications, are under development.

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Dix commandements

The Mobile Web Initiative organizes on a regular basis on-line training course that go in more details on each of the principles.

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En pratique

À connaître au minimum:

XHTML Basic 1.1 was pulished as W3C Standard in July 2008; see also the XHTML Basic 1.1 Cheat Sheet, and the comparison between the different versions of XHTML.

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mobileOK Basic

mobileOK Basic was published as a W3C Standard in November 2008.

Screenshot of the mobileOK checker

The mobileOK Checker was released as 1.0 in November 2008, with a much improved reliability and user interface,and is still being developed and enhanced by W3C.

Jardin Zen du Ryoan-jo de Kyoto

Trop de contraintes ?

L'art vit de contraintes et meurt de libertés


A quoi André Gide ajoute L'art naît de contraintes, vit de luttes et meurt de liberté

Sample of mobile phones on the market

Device Descriptions

The Device Description Repository Simple API was released as a W3C Standard in December 2008.

Screenshot of the resutls for the CSS MP test suite

Test Suites

In July 2008, the Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group released its Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers that identifies at a glance support for a range of Web technologies in mobile browsers.

Screenshot of a phone using WICD

Bientôt dans un téléphone près de chez vous...

SVG Tiny 1.2 was released as a W3C Recommendation in December 2008.

A first public working draft of a JavaScript Geolocation API was released in December 2008.

The work on Widgets and Web Applications is making steady progress in the Web Applications Working Group.

Moines boudhistes avec des téléphones portables

Bientôt dans un téléphone loin de chez vous...

An interest group focusing on Mobile Web for Social Development was started in May 2008, and is developing documents to facilitate the deployment of Mobile Web solutions to social difficulties in developing countries; this area of work is also being taken up by the Web Foundation.


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Plus d'informations

Contact : Dominique Hazael-Massieux <>

Planet Mobile Web

L'Initiative pour le Web mobile

Mobile Web Best Practices document

Webinaire en français sur les Best Practices

mobileOK checker

Crédit photos

VoiceXML and the W3C Speech Interface Framework.

Note that beyond vision problems, a speech interface can also help solving illiteracy problems.

The TALKS system mentioned by Stéphane.

My publication in A List Apart on how to deal with CSS Media Types on mobile devices, and a proposed improved technique on top of that one from Dean Hamack

See the introduction to Web Content Accessibility and Mobile Web.