[DISABLED] Community Based Test Suite

This system has been disabled

The Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group is setting up a test suite built by the community, for the community: everyone is invited to submit test cases for inclusions in the test suite, and to submit test results to help build a better understanding of the supported technologies in the various mobile web user agents and devices on the market today.

Submitting test cases

If you would like to participate to the mapping of various Web technologies on the existing mobile user agents, you can help by building test cases illustrating a specific technology or combination of technologies.

In this case, a test case is mostly a Web page that uses the said technologies, accompanied by a description of the expected behavior(s).

To get more details on what submissions are acceptable, what the legal requirements are, how submissions are processed by the Working Group, please refer to our submission guidelines.

Submitting test results

Once the Working Group has collected an interesting set of test cases, we will open the possibility for anyone to submit results.

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

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