MWI Working Groups

The Mobile Web Initiative currently comprises of the following groups:

Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group
The MW4D Interest Group explores how to use the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on Mobile phones as a solution to bridge the Digital Divide and provide minimal services (health, education, governance, business, ...) to rural communities and under-privileged populations of Developing Countries.

Closed groups

The following groups have closed, but used to be part of the Mobile Web Initiative:

Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group
The Best Practices Working Group developed a set of technical best practices and associated materials in support of development of web sites that provide an appropriate user experience on mobile devices.
MWI Device Description Working Group
The Device Description Working Group developed an API and a set of properties to enable the development of globally accessible, sustainable data and services that provide device description information applicable to content adaptation.
MWI Test Suites Working Group
The Test Suites Working Group helped develop a set of test suites targeted at browsers to ensure a strong foundation for mobile Web technologies.
MWI Steering Council
The Steering Council, composed of representatives from MWI Sponsors, set the directions of the Mobile Web Initiative, watching outreach and marketing opportunities and managing liaisons.
Contact: Dominique Hazael-Massieux