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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Link tracker from Group page Thomas Roessler 2006-11-21
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Organize call with APWG to discuss liaison mechanisms with WSCWG Thomas Roessler 2007-01-24
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Contribute use cases for Note Stephen Farrell 2006-11-21
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Formalize the scenario of user getting a request via e-mail and using that information to contact a web-site using HTTP protocol (e.g. using a browser) Phillip Hallam-Baker 2006-11-21
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Formalize the use case of mis-typing a URL (and various variants - been there before, not been there before) Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-08
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Formalize the statement regarding users not relying on information within URL strings for establishing context (or security context) Tyler Close 2006-11-21
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Work out impact of redirection scenarios Hal Lockhart 2006-11-21
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Formalize use case around user contacting one site, then getting re-directed to another (as part of a federation of organziations working together, legitimately), how does the user trust where they landed on? Hal Lockhart 2006-11-21
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Formalize the use case of content providers using the same icons as are typically used in the \"chrome area\" and thus diluting the meaning of such visual aids Michael Smith 2006-11-21
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Find mobile browser vendors to recruit to group Michael Smith 2006-11-21
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Formalize a use case for using a browser on a shared device (e.g. kiosk device). Examples of kiosks intra-enterprise, hotel lobbies, Kinko\\\\\\\\\'s, libraries. Hal Lockhart 2006-12-19
ACTION-12 (edit) closed List, by enumeration, what is meant by security context information Hal Lockhart 2006-11-21
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Elaborate on multiple certificates & domains for session servers case Tyler Close 2006-11-21
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Write up use case of session servers and having critical information invariant in order to be useful. Hal Lockhart 2006-11-21
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Produce use case story for kiosk case that is in scope (action can be discharged by declaring defeat) Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-08
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Formalize the use case of flowing security information as a part of the document mark up (as in XML marked up content information). Yakov Sverdlov 2006-12-01
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Give a demonstration of \"pet name\" annotation of bookmarks plug-in Tyler Close 2007-01-31
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Formalize the need to be able to understand/visualize the \"strength\" of SSL protection in place Bill Doyle 2006-11-21
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Formalize a user-facing use case for WS-Security (e.g. use of WS-SecureConversation) Tim Hahn 2006-12-01
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Put together set of background references Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-01
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Help MEZ with ACTION-20 Maritza Johnson 2006-12-01
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Produce voice browser use case Brandon Porter 2006-11-22
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Find out more about Opera\\\\\'s numeric trust indicator Michael Smith 2006-11-22
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Set up Wiki for group use Thomas Roessler 2006-11-22
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Set up CVS access for Tyler Thomas Roessler 2006-11-22
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Dig out papers about authenticating browser password entry dialogues to users Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-08
ACTION-27 (edit) closed review requirements from workshop record Hal Lockhart 2007-01-26
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Clean up minutes Thomas Roessler 2006-11-22
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Rob Franco to formalize the use case of an attacker messing with the information in the address bar and confusing the user. Thomas Roessler 2006-12-12
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Find collection of known anti-phishing extensions for Firefox Tyler Close 2006-11-21
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Skeletal draft of Note Tyler Close 2006-11-20
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Come up with a use case for FTP\\\\\'s usage Stephen Farrell 2006-11-28
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Draft goals / non-goals section Phillip Hallam-Baker 2006-12-07
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Draft scope/out-of-scope Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-11-28
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Open issue for xpath/xquery in/out-of scope Thomas Roessler 2006-11-28
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Add note\\\\\'s structure to wiki Tyler Close 2006-12-12
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Review widget spec Thomas Roessler 2006-12-12
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Include trusted computing base with scope and/or goals/non-goals Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-12
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Training users to rely on specific non-ubiquitous security context Maritza Johnson 2006-12-12
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Send proposed language on phones to mailing lists Phillip Hallam-Baker 2006-12-19
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Propose draft language Mike Beltzner 2006-12-19
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Propose draft language to capture \"how to begin secure communication\" Mike Beltzner 2006-12-19
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Review this use case Tyler Close 2006-12-19
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Review DesktopDecoration Tyler Close 2006-12-19
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Work with beltzner on ACTION-42 to possibly broaden it Thomas Roessler 2006-12-19
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Add in-scope for appropriateness of communication of security context information Thomas Roessler 2006-12-19
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Yank \"not dangerous\" from out-of-scope Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-19
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Propose revised \"non-web protocols\" text for NoteOutOfScope Stephen Farrell 2006-12-19
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Amend in-scope to reflect consistency of user experiences, warning levels, etc Mike Beltzner 2006-12-19
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add mobile device text to scope text in wiki Stephen Farrell 2006-12-20
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Draft \"out-of-scope\" text for proxies etc that do not involve human interaction Stephen Farrell 2006-12-26
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Propose text on how corroboration with independent sites should be scoped Tim Hahn 2006-12-26
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Edit out content blocking part Hal Lockhart 2006-12-26
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Write concrete \"content blocking out of scope\" section, or to declare defeat Anthony Nadalin 2006-12-26
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Merge the TCB-related points Tyler Close 2006-12-26
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Drive discussion on presentation of content-based filtering on list, draft text Hal Lockhart 2006-12-26
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Maintain volunteer list in NoteIndex in the wiki. Mary Ellen Zurko 2006-12-26
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Draft the \"Security Context Available\" section of our Note in the wiki Bill Doyle 2007-01-02
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Draft section 9 Tim Hahn 2007-01-02
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Draft Section 8 Michael Smith 2007-01-02
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Propose re-wording of \"Best Practices Recommendation for Site-to-User Communication\" text in NoteGoals, post to list Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-01-09
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Re-draft \"Recommendation for Consistent Presentation of Security Information\" to reflect discussion about Hal Lockhart 2007-01-09
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Merge the Goals and Non-Goals related Wiki items into English text. Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-01-23
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Make sure role of user education is addressed in assumptions section of note Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-01-09
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Add \"phone\" option to registration form, and fix some responses Thomas Roessler 2007-01-09
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Rework shared system use-case Hal Lockhart 2007-01-16
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Refine MultipleCertificateIdentity use case Tyler Close 2007-01-16
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Formalize furnace self-signed use case Tyler Close 2007-01-16
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Draft differential use cases for security expectation vs. none Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-01-29
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Propose generalization of email lure Stuart Schechter 2007-01-16
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Propose history related use-case Stephen Farrell 2007-01-16
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Track RobFranco proposing use cases to deal with scriptable areas Thomas Roessler 2007-02-28
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Draft MITM use case Thomas Roessler 2007-01-16
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Draft CA acceptance use case Thomas Roessler 2007-01-16
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Draft revisit security decisions use case Thomas Roessler 2007-01-16
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Draft follow-a-link / status bar use case Thomas Roessler 2007-01-16
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Design Debugging use case Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-01-16
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Refine UserNotions Michael McCormick 2007-01-16
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Redraft out-of-scope item for phone Brandon Porter 2007-01-23
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Redraft phonelure use case Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-01-23
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Follow up on the FollowingALink use case Thomas Roessler 2007-01-23
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Document widget behavior upon encountering a link in wiki Thomas Roessler 2007-01-29
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Dig out TLS RFC\\\\\'s normative language on mismatch between cert and domain name Hal Lockhart 2007-01-30
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Produce material on name-based virtual hosting and TLS Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-01-30
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Summarize issues around deployment of certificates in wildcard / virtual hosting situations Chuck Wade 2007-01-30
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Document what certificate validation errors Konqueror displays George Staikos 2007-01-30
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Document what certificate validation errors Opera displays Yngve Pettersen 2007-01-30
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Document what certificate validation errors Firefox displays Mike Beltzner 2007-01-30
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Ask Rob to do the same for IE7 Thomas Roessler 2007-01-30
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Ask Rob Franco to document what certification verification errors IE7 displays Thomas Roessler 2007-02-28
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Start discussion about RevistingPastDecision on list Thomas Roessler 2007-01-30
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Send more detailed geography info about meeting to member-visible list Hal Lockhart 2007-01-30
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Explain issue raising process on public mailing list Thomas Roessler 2007-02-06
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Draft subsections for 8 about \"compelling user interface\", crypto Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-02-06
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Review use cases, suggest reorganization, ... Stuart Schechter 2007-03-10
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Draft initial outline of glossary Tim Hahn 2007-02-21
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Seed and drive process to document current-generation undocumented safeguards in wiki Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Add references for 8.1.2 Rachna Dhamija 2007-02-06
ACTION-99 (edit) closed draft text for section 8, covering \"block pages\" Rachna Dhamija 2007-02-06
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Propose alternative wording for 8.2.3 Thomas Roessler 2007-02-06
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Suggest favorite favicon reference Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-06
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Switch order of 8.2.3 and 8.2.4 Tyler Close 2007-02-06
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Propose descriptive text on firefox anti-phishing UI (for 8.2) Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Extend 8.2.1 by tab title Tyler Close 2007-02-06
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Propose text on notifiaction / information bar Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Propose clarifying language for 8.2.5 Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Create a library of testcases / examples of attacks listed in section 8 Mike Beltzner 2007-02-22
ACTION-108 (edit) closed contribute more studies for 8.3 Rachna Dhamija 2007-02-06
ACTION-109 (edit) closed to propose more elaborate text for 8.3.1 (\"padlock icon\") Brandon Porter 2007-02-06
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Create new subsection under 8.2 to classify types of attacks Tyler Close 2007-02-06
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Track rob tracking URL scrolling issues Tyler Close 2007-02-06
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Rewrite 8.3.2 Thomas Roessler 2007-02-06
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Suggest \"page\" definition for Tim\\\\\\\\\'s glossary Stuart Schechter 2007-03-12
ACTION-114 (edit) closed suggesting alternative wording for 8.4.1 Rachna Dhamija 2007-02-06
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Contribute reference on cost/benefit questions in usability Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-07
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Check whether security usability of form submission is covered in Note Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-02-07
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Contribute material re confirmation bias to note Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Reword the first two DesignPrinciples points for possible inclusion in the note Maritza Johnson 2007-02-16
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Move consistency bullet point into section 9 Tyler Close 2007-02-07
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Contribute further text on \"explanations\" bullet point; provide [Patrick] reference Maritza Johnson 2007-02-16
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Propose rewrite of 9.3 Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-07
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Inquire Stephen Farrell about holding next meeting on 30-31 in Dublin Thomas Roessler 2007-02-07
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Send hosting requirements to Tyler Thomas Roessler 2007-02-07
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Initiate work on threat tree Stuart Schechter 2007-03-13
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Map list from blackboard to existing use cases, possibly add more Thomas Roessler 2007-02-08
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Document current practice in terms of security UI robustness George Staikos 2007-02-28
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Document current practice in terms of security UI robustness Yngve Pettersen 2007-02-08
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Document current practice in terms of security UI robustness Mike Beltzner 2007-02-17
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Prod Rob to document current practice in terms of security UI robustness Thomas Roessler 2007-02-28
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Set up poll to confirm date. Thomas Roessler 2007-02-08
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Start rescheduling exercise for telephone calls Thomas Roessler 2007-02-19
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Start discussion on mailing list to draw chrome items out and get analysis completed Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-13
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Offer text suggestion around \"many users\" Brandon Porter 2007-02-13
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Link scribing quick-ref from WG admin page Thomas Roessler 2007-02-13
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Reword 2.2 a bit more verbosely; add negative (\"not stuff that\\\\\'s easily ignored\") Tyler Close 2007-02-13
ACTION-136 (edit) closed S/prevent/mitigate and prevent/ in 2.3 Tyler Close 2007-02-13
ACTION-137 (edit) closed S/deceptive imitation/deceptive imitation or hiding/ in 2.3 Tyler Close 2007-02-13
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Re-phrase Thomas\\\\\'s proposed overview text. Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-13
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Reorder section 2: 2.7, 2.4, then rest Tyler Close 2007-02-13
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Propose non-goals material re other app contexts Hal Lockhart 2007-02-20
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Replace \"orthogonal\" by clearer language in the use case rework Thomas Roessler 2007-02-20
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Change use case 19 to make clear that network-levle confdentiality threats are covered Thomas Roessler 2007-02-20
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Propose text to resolve ISSUE-10 Thomas Roessler 2007-02-20
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Drop public sample code promise from 10.3 and send text to list & tyler Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-02-20
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Expand abstract of note by moving in material from overview Thomas Roessler 2007-02-27
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Start conversation on conformance for non-browser user agents and forward-looking web use Chuck Wade 2007-02-27
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Send reminder concerning out-of-order US DST change Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-03-13
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Start discussion on technology-layer security context Johnathan Nightingale 2007-03-13
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Make FSTC\\\\\'s list of techniques available to group Chuck Wade 2007-03-13
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Propose text do drill down on possible classes of conforming implementations -- more concrete than note, more abstract than products Chuck Wade 2007-04-15
ACTION-151 (edit) closed update text for security context as part of note review Bill Doyle 2007-03-16
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Put Tim Hahn\\\\\'s outline into Wiki, fill in some, Stuart Schechter 2007-03-20
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Tell tyler about how to do diffs for specprod documents Thomas Roessler 2007-03-20
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Track HTTP Auth related extensions Bill Doyle 2007-03-20
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Track P3P header related indicators Praveen Alavilli 2007-03-28
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Circulate his list of privacy and security indicators Chuck Wade 2007-03-20
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Update 7.2 to encompass page source Tyler Close 2007-03-28
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Add documentation of known systemic flaws to \"Document the status quo\" goal Thomas Roessler 2007-03-20
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Put documentation about action item editing interface on group page Thomas Roessler 2007-04-25
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Put out-of-scope text on cross-site-scripting into Note Tyler Close 2007-03-27
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Send note to chuck on prior art re ACTION-150 Thomas Roessler 2007-03-27
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Draft \"sensitive piece of information\" proposal Tyler Close 2007-03-28
ACTION-163 (edit) closed to draft \"where am I\" outline Rachna Dhamija 2007-04-30
ACTION-164 (edit) closed elaborate cross-site-scripting branch of threat tree with view toward user understandable context information Johnathan Nightingale 2007-03-28
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Copy definition of web user agent to glossary Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-03-27
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Set up shawn and rachna as additional editors Thomas Roessler 2007-04-04
ACTION-167 (edit) closed to send mail to outline quick review process for further April calls; call for agenda input for next call Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-04-04
ACTION-168 (edit) closed really cancel May 9 call Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-02
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Put roadmap into wiki Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-04-04
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Put 4th f2f on Dublin agenda: September or November? Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-04
ACTION-171 (edit) closed And stuart to try to figure out how to move forward with this Thomas Roessler 2007-04-04
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Map threat trees to use case dimensions Stuart Schechter 2007-04-04
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Turn use case dimensions into note material Thomas Roessler 2007-06-08
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Send mail to outline quick review process for further April calls; call for agenda input for next call Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-04-04
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Summarize robustness practices in terms of limitations on sites\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' freedom Johnathan Nightingale 2007-04-25
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Ping george staikos by e-mail and negotiate corresponding action Thomas Roessler 2007-04-11
ACTION-177 (edit) closed aggregate material on TLS user interaces across browsers, based on input from vendors Mike Beltzner 2007-04-25
ACTION-178 (edit) closed pull together mixed content / \"what is a secure page\" material from earlier list discussions Yngve Pettersen 2007-04-25
ACTION-179 (edit) closed put check of recommendation material against InScopbyCategory wiki item on f2f agenda; find volunteer to lead that discussion Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-15
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Make pass through SharedBookmarks and other material; map testing results to status quo Maritza Johnson 2007-05-08
ACTION-181 (edit) closed summarize EV cert discussion and deliver proto recommendations in Wiki Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-04-18
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Summarize TLS discussion and extract proto recs into wiki Michael McCormick 2007-04-25
ACTION-183 (edit) closed go over TrustMe notes, update in wiki Tyler Close 2007-04-26
ACTION-184 (edit) closed summarize robustness practices in terms of limitations on sites\' freedom Jan Vidar Krey 2007-05-02
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Integrate diffmk into editing environment Thomas Roessler 2007-04-25
ACTION-186 (edit) closed review Process related section of note Thomas Roessler 2007-04-25
ACTION-187 (edit) closed revisit her availability as editor Rachna Dhamija 2007-05-30
ACTION-188 (edit) closed summarize robustness practices in terms of limitations on sites\\\\\\\\\' freedom George Staikos 2007-04-14
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Share pointer to CABforum profiling of PKIX Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-04-18
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Attempt summary of discussion and proto recs re EV and virtual hosting in wiki Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-04-18
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Update PII Editor Bar proposal in wiki Tyler Close 2007-04-26
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Draft \"let\\\\\\\\\'s drop the URL bar\" proposal Tyler Close 2007-04-26
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Provide high-risk display-only use cases Michael McCormick 2007-04-18
ACTION-194 (edit) closed refine UrlRecommendation Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-04-20
ACTION-195 (edit) closed capture discussion on SharedPublicKnowledge in wiki and refine proposal Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-04-25
ACTION-196 (edit) closed turn ramblings about deployment and server side into coherent written material Chuck Wade 2007-04-25
ACTION-197 (edit) closed incorporate discussion about Contextual Password Warnings into Wiki Thomas Roessler 2007-04-25
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Update Revisiting Past Decisions Thomas Roessler 2007-04-25
ACTION-199 (edit) closed extract possible recommendations from section 3 of BMA results for further discussion Chuck Wade 2007-05-02
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Organize review of Safe Browsing Mode proposal at next call Bob Pinheiro 2007-04-25
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Extract refined proto-recs from record of discussion about ErrorHandling and Yngve\\\\\\\\\'s blog item on same topic Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-02
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Start list thread re cookies Chuck Wade 2007-04-25
ACTION-203 (edit) closed put another pass through ContextPresentation on one of the next two agendae Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-02
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Update \"safe browsing mode proposal\" to incorporate comments Daniel Schutzer 2007-05-02
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Revise PageInfoSummary by 9 May 2007 Johnathan Nightingale 2007-05-02
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Flesh out logotype recommendation Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-05-02
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Update due dates Thomas Roessler 2007-05-03
ACTION-208 (edit) closed update favicons in wiki Michael McCormick 2007-05-23
ACTION-209 (edit) closed update wiki with recommendation on mixed content Yngve Pettersen 2007-05-16
ACTION-210 (edit) closed encapsulate SSL certificate error anti-patterns to wiki Michael McCormick 2007-05-23
ACTION-211 (edit) closed add robustness info to wiki that may turn into recommendation George Staikos 2007-06-30
ACTION-212 (edit) closed create straw-man template for recommendations Tyler Close 2007-05-11
ACTION-213 (edit) closed write a lightning proposal in the wiki based on her work Rachna Dhamija 2007-05-11
ACTION-214 (edit) closed solicit commentary on Threat Trees from MITRE INFOSEC community Bill Doyle 2007-12-30
ACTION-215 (edit) closed to revisit threat trees, match to her list of attacks, make explicit, turn into note material Rachna Dhamija 2007-05-30
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Update template accordingly Tyler Close 2007-05-23
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Enter Secure Letterhead proposal into Wiki; link from \"to be discussed\" Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-05-23
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Start e-mail thread on conformance sections Thomas Roessler 2007-05-23
ACTION-219 (edit) closed to update IdentitySignal to cover discussion on call, and match RecTemplate Johnathan Nightingale 2007-06-22
ACTION-220 (edit) closed introduce Secure Letterhead item in the wiki Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-05-30
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Match RobustSecurityIndicators against other proposals; ensure nothing gets lost Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-08-17
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Work with Tyler to ensure publication of updated draft Thomas Roessler 2007-05-30
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Propose prioritization of rec template elements Thomas Roessler 2007-05-30
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Propose cut-off date for fitting rec proposals into template Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-05-30
ACTION-225 (edit) closed \"Are users necessary?\"-- Build taxonomy of trust situations where user intervention is required Serge Egelman 2007-06-24
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Improve description of SSL/TLS history (sec.8.1) Tyler Close 2007-06-18
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Update template with material from discussion; notify e-mail list Thomas Roessler 2007-06-06
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Share slides about usability testing from dublin f2f Rachna Dhamija 2007-06-07
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Share his slides on robustness testing from the dublin f2f Bill Doyle 2007-12-06
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Define robustness for WSC glossary Bill Doyle 2007-07-11
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Start a discussion about including descriptions of the information divulged to websites by user-agents Bill Doyle 2007-12-06
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Share results from his study once he has them Serge Egelman 2007-06-30
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Make sure Jagatic et al on social phishing is in SharedBookmarks Rachna Dhamija 2007-06-12
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Add www2006 jakobsson, Florencio & Hursley MSR paper to our shared bookmarks list Rachna Dhamija 2007-06-12
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Update / create a user testing timeline with things like IRB turnaround, setup, etc. Rachna Dhamija 2007-07-11
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Track donations of time and resources for usability testing Rachna Dhamija 2007-07-11
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Drive process of tying recommendations to references in SharedBookmarks Maritza Johnson 2007-06-22
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Create and document user testing plan (with links to timeline, donations, prototypers, etc) Rachna Dhamija 2007-07-11
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Document security robustness practises on mobile and embedded devices (such as phones, etc.) Jan Vidar Krey 2007-07-18
ACTION-240 (edit) closed pick up on ACTION-177, complement with review of TLS spec and exceptions given there; goal is to limit user interaction when not needed Stephen Farrell 2007-06-26
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Look at better issue tracking for rec-track documents Thomas Roessler 2007-08-21
ACTION-242 (edit) closed add file extension remark to security context information list Stephen Farrell 2007-06-01
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Propose link from note to threat trees Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-06-27
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Arrange for future thread tree discussion Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-06-07
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Draft conformance section Thomas Roessler 2007-06-07
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Draft introduction text Tim Hahn 2007-06-07
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Mark in wiki what proposals have been transferred into the note Shawn Duffy 2007-06-07
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Ensure that the robustness stuff (MozillaCurrentPractises) ends up in the recommendations Johnathan Nightingale 2007-09-12
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Propose revision of 2.3 in line with updated template, current discussion Thomas Roessler 2007-06-14
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Propose breaking out section 2.4 into its own recommendation Stephen Farrell 2007-06-07
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Update the recommendation template to include justification for goals Tyler Close 2007-06-07
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Map out some study proposals for existing recommendations, co-ordinate with Rachna who owns usability testing plan in general Serge Egelman 2007-07-15
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Write up a proposed recommendation about browser lock down mode (eg: no script, etc) Tim Hahn 2007-06-07
ACTION-254 (edit) closed revise sbm proposal Daniel Schutzer 2007-06-15
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Email beltzner photo of whiteboard Yngve Pettersen 2007-06-07
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Summarize and bring back issues to working group Mike Beltzner 2007-08-08
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Expand on the proposal and incorporate today\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s discussions Rachna Dhamija 2007-07-11
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Create template out of Threat Trees (with sample threats) Rachna Dhamija 2007-06-13
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Work with Stephen, Chuck to revisit threat trees; work out process to join them to substantial work Rachna Dhamija 2007-06-27
ACTION-260 (edit) closed to write up non-indication cert attribute Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-06-29
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Revisit section 3 of BMA study results Daniel Schutzer 2007-06-20
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Share study on effectiveness of trust seals in SharedBookmarks Serge Egelman 2007-06-20
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Review list of security information this week Bill Doyle 2007-07-04
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Complete secure letterhead template Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-07-04
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Move Page Info Summary to template format Johnathan Nightingale 2007-07-10
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Put liaison list into wiki Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-08-01
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Attend tam BOF in Chicago, wave WSC flag, report back Thomas Roessler 2007-07-18
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Phrase conformance language for fully securing sites Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-08-10
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Extract changes from ISSUE-6, sort out \"prior interaction\" confusion, if any Tyler Close 2007-08-08
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Implement issue disposal as described in resolution above in minutes Thomas Roessler 2007-07-25
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Prod authors of CertErr, RecRevisitingPastDecisions, EVCert, Letterhead about template conformance; deadline for answers is either this Friday or next meeting Shawn Duffy 2007-07-25
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Draft proposal for self-signed certs over beer with Thomas Stephen Farrell 2007-07-25
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Define categories in glossary Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-08-01
ACTION-274 (edit) closed experiment with lc-comments-tracker and report back Bill Doyle 2007-11-30
ACTION-275 (edit) closed make fette supply use case on previous interaction site being blacklisted Ian Fette 2007-08-03
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Rewrite favicons material in light of call\\\'s discussion (try generalizing usefully) Thomas Roessler 2007-08-08
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Supply definition of \"location par\" and put it into glossary Tim Hahn 2007-08-08
ACTION-278 (edit) closed check on linux platform Audian Paxson 2007-08-22
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Rewrite first four requirements in 5.1.1 in view of call discussion Thomas Roessler 2007-08-15
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Implement resolution to drop "user agents MAY augment industry standards" Thomas Roessler 2007-08-15
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Update 5.2 according to call's discussion Thomas Roessler 2007-08-22
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Obtain disclaimer-style text for Additional Security Context Information Anil Saldhana 2007-08-29
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Contribute references to support 5.3.1 Serge Egelman 2007-08-29
ACTION-284 (edit) closed suggest fine-tuning of terminology in section 4 Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-10-03
ACTION-285 (edit) closed propose list of references on strong/weak algorithms; intent to *reference*, not *import* Yngve Pettersen 2007-09-12
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Change 4.5.4 into generic "if https typed, then expectation of strong security" text Anil Saldhana 2007-09-05
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Turn 4.3.4 into "there's a bucket for weak policy OIDS, some of these are intentionally so" style language Anil Saldhana 2007-09-05
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Propose refinement for unsafe redirects going full cricle Thomas Roessler 2007-09-12
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Add issue about http-https redirects to draft Thomas Roessler 2007-09-12
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Incorporate references from Anil Saldhana 2007-09-12
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Create a Section for References (PlaceHolder) Anil Saldhana 2007-09-12
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Incorporate Mike McCormick 's General Principles (Section 5.3) Anil Saldhana 2007-10-03
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Update Browser Lockdown section per the discussion in this call and the comments on the list. Tim Hahn 2007-11-14
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Review threat trees draft wrt dns poisoning Bill Doyle 2007-10-20
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Refine SBM conformance language accourding to 9/12 minutes Thomas Roessler 2007-09-24
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Add to editor's draft (Mozilla Robustness Practices) Anil Saldhana 2007-09-26
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Make sure it is in editor's draft (Strong/Weak Algorithm Action by Yngve) Anil Saldhana 2007-09-26
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Send email out to list to get clarification on user intervention surrounding installing software Johnathan Nightingale 2007-10-03
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Draft a definition of whack-a-mole in 7.3.2 text Johnathan Nightingale 2007-10-03
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Write up additional conformance language for pet name components of PII Editor Bar recommendation Tyler Close 2007-10-09
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Write email to usability study people re identity signal stuff Johnathan Nightingale 2007-10-09
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Create sketches and interaction notes to send to usability testing group Daniel Schutzer 2007-10-09
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Find someone to help with what's needed for UI and prototypes for page security scoring usability testing Michael McCormick 2007-10-09
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Produce demo or lo-fi protype of secure letterhead Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-11-15
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Get back to maritzaj on what questions he has, or any lack thereof Tim Hahn 2007-11-14
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Drop editor's note into conformance labels section to explain what it's supposed to mean Thomas Roessler 2007-10-09
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Propose language based on McCormick's slides Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-10-09
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Re-work "use case 2" from issue 83 into general language about disabilities to insert into section 6 of use case note due 2007-10-3 Thomas Roessler 2007-10-09
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Draft generic accessibility text for section 6, to go before subsection 6.1 Thomas Roessler 2007-10-09
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Tracker configuration: repair non-appearance of posts from member-wsc-wg mailing list Thomas Roessler 2007-10-05
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Tracker configuration: repair non-appearance of posts from member-wsc-wg mailing list Thomas Roessler 2007-10-05
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Provide a first pass of associating wiki links with the FPWD text Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-10-10
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Change EV to "augmented assurance" in editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2007-10-10
ACTION-314 (edit) closed to add language to 5.2, SHOULD list, to show any/all logotypes available from AA certs Thomas Roessler 2007-10-10
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Not AA, then domain name info from CN or subjectAltName; if AA, then Organization attribute from subject; always: organization attribute from issuer; close ISSUE-99 Ian Fette 2007-10-10
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Add language to 5.1.2 to display info as follows:if not AA, then domain name info from CN or subjectAltName; if AA, then Organization attribute from subject; always: organization attribute from issuer; close ISSUE-99 Thomas Roessler 2007-10-10
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Note the open discussion about how PII notions of cert-handling fold into the rest of the document, particularly around self-signed certs and KCM Thomas Roessler 2008-01-21 ISSUE-103
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Draft a new subsection to section 7 discussing the mixing of trusted/untrusted information in the UI Bill Doyle 2007-12-30 ISSUE-104
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Add text in section 5 to note that "no cookies => no tracking" doesn't hold, re ISSUE-105 Thomas Roessler 2007-10-10
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Add authoring BP re HTTPS -> HTTP submits (issue-107) Anil Saldhana 2008-01-19 ISSUE-107
ACTION-321 (edit) closed to look for cyphersuite strength standard that we can reference Bill Doyle 2007-10-31
ACTION-322 (edit) closed To call for proposals on this issue Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-11-07
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Respond with a proposal on issue 115 William Eburn 2007-11-07 ISSUE-115
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Drop success criteria into wiki Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-11-12
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Coordinate with hypertext CG re a11y issues Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-11-12
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Transfer RobustSharedSecret into section 8.2 Thomas Roessler 2007-11-19
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Generalize 8.1.2 to be not specific to visual interfaces Thomas Roessler 2007-11-19 ISSUE-115
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Propose techniques for not obviously spoofable audio presentation based on discussion above suitable for 8.3.2 William Eburn 2007-11-12 ISSUE-115
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Review 8.2 to ensure suitability of language in non-visual contexts Bruno von Niman 2007-11-12 ISSUE-115
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Clarify requirements for usability testing for conformance by e-mail Ian Fette 2007-11-13 ISSUE-112
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Work toward worked example of usability testing for conformance Maritza Johnson 2007-11-23 ISSUE-112
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Elaborate on ISSUE-3 Stephen Farrell 2007-11-13
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Elaborate on ISSUE-4 Stephen Farrell 2007-11-13
ACTION-334 (edit) closed propose language on bookmark APIs Anil Saldhana 2008-01-24 ISSUE-95
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Outline discussion topics for ISSUE-96 Ian Fette 2007-11-13
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Propose material for ISSUE-106 Stephen Farrell 2007-12-21
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Prod serge about SSL error study; re ISSUE-107 Rachna Dhamija 2007-11-13
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Prepare discussion topics for Safe Browsing Mode; see ISSUE-108 Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-12-05 ISSUE-108
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Propose authoring best practice for ISSUE-110 Yngve Pettersen 2007-11-13 ISSUE-110
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Gather data about cost of TLS deployment Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-12-10
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Send message to tag list about digest auth issue Hal Lockhart 2007-11-13
ACTION-342 (edit) closed Write up "comment disposition process" in wiki Mary Ellen Zurko 2007-11-21
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Begin examining some of the recommendations, write down the underlying assumptions for success, then list any prior studies that have already examined those assumptions, and possibly how to test the untested assumptions Serge Egelman 2008-01-29 User Studies
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Propose normative material on audio logotypes; ISSUE-120 Thomas Roessler 2007-11-22 ISSUE-120
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Begin designing lo-fi user study for Browser Lockdown Maritza Johnson 2008-02-28
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Propose alternate text to section 8.1.2 which captures the need to prevent spoofing, without over-restricting Johnathan Nightingale 2007-11-28 faviconsAndMore
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Propose "chinese whispers" proof messaging for section 8.1 Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-12-05 faviconsAndMore
ACTION-348 (edit) closed propose new language for 5.3.7 Trusted Certificates and surrounding terminology issues Stephen Farrell 2007-12-06 ISSUE-113
ACTION-349 (edit) closed verify that normative material from WhatIsASecurePage was fully incorporated in wsc-xit Yngve Pettersen 2007-12-09
ACTION-350 (edit) closed report about browser security model discussions Tyler Close 2008-07-16
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Close this dummy action right away Thomas Roessler 2007-12-04
ACTION-352 (edit) closed request ISSUE-114 on f2f agenda Thomas Roessler 2008-01-25 ISSUE-114
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Convert his fwpd review notes into issues against the document Johnathan Nightingale 2008-01-04
ACTION-354 (edit) closed grow a beard Johnathan Nightingale 2007-12-24
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Describe algorithms commonly used to create display names of certificates Yngve Pettersen 2007-12-12 ISSUE-121
ACTION-356 (edit) closed incorporate ISSUE-126 text into wsc-xit Thomas Roessler 2008-01-21 ISSUE-126
ACTION-357 (edit) closed make hovering effects in wsc-xit less conspicuous Thomas Roessler 2008-02-28
ACTION-358 (edit) closed ISSUE-116 : Propose language based on last sentence of 2b and the discussion in 12/12's meeting Hal Lockhart 2007-12-19
ACTION-359 (edit) closed Follow up on ISSUE-131 thread to propose removing in email Ian Fette 2007-12-19 Code outside browser
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Editorial changes from Mez' xit review of December 2007 - see Related notes Thomas Roessler 2008-01-25 wsc-xit
ACTION-361 (edit) closed review wsc-xit Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-02-02
ACTION-362 (edit) closed review wsc-xit William Eburn 2008-01-13
ACTION-363 (edit) closed provide comments for WSC-XIT review Ian Fette 2007-12-22 wsc-xit
ACTION-364 (edit) closed remove non-interaction certs while merging Stephen's rewrite Thomas Roessler 2008-02-06 ISSUE-119
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Propose subjAltName text for 7.1 Tyler Close 2008-09-04 ISSUE-122
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Explicitly address the attributes called out here in terms of the matching algorithm, and work offline with stephenf for his clarification on dc= (and anything else) Tyler Close 2008-09-05 ISSUE-122
ACTION-367 (edit) closed Incorporate the editorial change comments from Tim H's review into wsc-usecases Tyler Close 2008-01-28
ACTION-368 (edit) closed Draft reversibility text for 7.2.4 Tyler Close 2008-09-05 ISSUE-123
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Draft some language about webarch interactions for ISSUE-123 Thomas Roessler 2008-01-25 ISSUE-123
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Draft language to reference RFC 3766 or successors in a useful way Bill Doyle 2008-03-01 ISSUE-128
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Take a stab at ISSUE-124 Anil Saldhana 2008-11-07 ISSUE-124
ACTION-372 (edit) closed Propose high-level wording instead of 7.6; ISSUE-125 Thomas Roessler 2008-01-23 ISSUE-125
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Poll al G about shoulder surfing attacks in context of assistive technologies Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-01-23 ISSUE-125
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Rewrite page security score section Tim Hahn 2008-01-23 ISSUE-129
ACTION-375 (edit) closed link from wsc-xit to issues Anil Saldhana 2008-01-23
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Rewrite 5.5.3 to tie certificate storage to history Johnathan Nightingale 2008-02-22
ACTION-377 (edit) closed Change 7.8 to say "need to ask user about change" Thomas Roessler 2008-01-30
ACTION-378 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-120 results Thomas Roessler 2008-01-31
ACTION-379 (edit) closed Remove ISSUE-120 reference from ED Thomas Roessler 2008-01-31
ACTION-380 (edit) closed Send email to list regarding ISSUE-131 containing full text of new proposal, and will close out the issue Thomas Roessler 2008-02-06
ACTION-381 (edit) closed Change 9.5 in line with ISSUE-130 discussion ago; close issue. Thomas Roessler 2008-02-06
ACTION-382 (edit) closed Bring up generic techniques for trust root changeover Yngve Pettersen 2008-02-06
ACTION-383 (edit) closed Change editor's draft as outlined above [restructure 8.2-8.3] Thomas Roessler 2008-03-21
ACTION-384 (edit) closed Propose lang about currently interacted primary chrome always visible on screen [do jointly with ACTION-383, restructure 8.2-8.4] Thomas Roessler 2008-03-21
ACTION-385 (edit) closed Replace 9.3 by text above Thomas Roessler 2008-02-28
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Update 9.2 with statement above Thomas Roessler 2008-02-28
ACTION-387 (edit) closed Write replacement text for 5.1.3 Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-02-13
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Update definition of 5.1.4 Thomas Roessler 2008-03-14
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Write up error levels Serge Egelman 2008-02-13
ACTION-390 (edit) closed Make it so [clean-up of error messages part of spec] Thomas Roessler 2008-03-31
ACTION-391 (edit) closed Extract out petnames content, provide definition independent of section 7 Tyler Close 2008-02-22
ACTION-392 (edit) closed Merge Thomas Roessler 2008-03-14
ACTION-393 (edit) closed Draft replacement text for section 9.1 (trust indicators in content) Thomas Roessler 2008-03-14
ACTION-394 (edit) closed Fix grammar error in 9.5 Thomas Roessler 2008-02-28
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Draft elaborated text to section 9.6 re: synchronization of cues Tim Hahn 2008-02-20
ACTION-396 (edit) closed Work with tyler to get wsc-usecases published as note Thomas Roessler 2008-03-05
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Add "will use the opera block" to registration form Thomas Roessler 2008-03-05
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Link oslo logistics from WSC/Group Thomas Roessler 2008-03-05
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Try to craft some text that revolves around weak/strong signalling Ian Fette 2008-03-05
ACTION-400 (edit) closed Merge text from ACTION-376 (history storage language) Thomas Roessler 2008-03-25
ACTION-401 (edit) closed Document/Screencap Larry as a lo-fi prototype candidate for the identity signal Johnathan Nightingale 2008-03-07
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Put acknowledgements in xit Anil Saldhana 2009-05-22 props
ACTION-403 (edit) closed Check reservation code for f2f hotel Yngve Pettersen 2008-03-26
ACTION-404 (edit) closed Propose wording for 7.1 (chrome and UI practices) to weaken requirement to stuff that makes sense in a given context Stephen Farrell 2008-03-26
ACTION-405 (edit) closed Get johnath to clarify applicability and description of crossing chrome-content border, or find other volunteer Thomas Roessler 2008-03-26
ACTION-406 (edit) closed Point out user burden concerns w/ petnames in detail Ian Fette 2008-03-26
ACTION-407 (edit) closed Refine petname proposal in light of 2008-03-19 call's discussion Tyler Close 2008-03-26
ACTION-408 (edit) closed Merge ACTION-399 result and Mez's framework for TLS indicator. Thomas Roessler 2008-03-26
ACTION-409 (edit) closed Revise "MUST include applicable DNS name" based on discussion Thomas Roessler 2008-04-02
ACTION-410 (edit) closed Update section 5.1.5. Replace last sentence with: "A pinned self-signed certificate SHOULD be considered sufficient identification to allow user agents to associate a Petname with the site, if supported." Anil Saldhana 2008-04-17
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Apply change about multiple error conditions Anil Saldhana 2008-04-17
ACTION-412 (edit) closed Number bulleted list in 5.5.1, and while doing so, swap first two bullets. Anil Saldhana 2008-04-17
ACTION-413 (edit) closed Add stephenF's note re newly pinned certs to 5.5.1 and re-iterate it in security considerations section Anil Saldhana 2008-04-17
ACTION-414 (edit) closed Revive relaxed path validation and use it from error handling part of spec Thomas Roessler 2008-04-11
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Add above text to 5.5.1 TLS errors Anil Saldhana 2008-05-08
ACTION-416 (edit) closed Draft proposal for slightly stricter variant of relaxed and basic Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-05-09
ACTION-417 (edit) closed investigate completeness of error handling wrt TLS extensions Stephen Farrell 2008-05-15
ACTION-418 (edit) closed Make edit about terms of art, threat to user's interests to 6.4.1 (common error interaction reqs) Anil Saldhana 2008-04-23
ACTION-419 (edit) closed Either strike last para of 6.4.1 or propose alternative Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-420 (edit) closed Change 6.4.2 (notification / status) to include "MAY solicit user interaction" Anil Saldhana 2008-04-23
ACTION-421 (edit) closed Make 6.4.4 accessible Anil Saldhana 2008-05-16 wsc-xit
ACTION-422 (edit) closed Incorporate Stephen's suggested change/clarification Anil Saldhana 2008-05-16 SharedSecretWithWhom
ACTION-423 (edit) closed incorporate DangerWillRobinson Anil Saldhana 2008-05-16 DangerWillRobinson
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Clean comments out of wsc-xit Anil Saldhana 2008-05-23 wsc-xit
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Incorporate agreed text for ISSUE-116 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-29 ReconfigureChrome
ACTION-426 (edit) closed Incorporate ISSUE-128 text Thomas Roessler 2008-06-16 ISSUE-128
ACTION-427 (edit) closed propose language for SSC section that covers "locally configured trust anchor is actually shown by server" edge case Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-428 (edit) closed Incorporate ISSUE-183 def to spec Anil Saldhana 2008-05-29 ISSUE-183
ACTION-429 (edit) closed Take care of luis's email Anil Saldhana 2008-06-07
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Write up grammar/spelling edits for anil Luis Barriga 2008-05-20 wsc-xit
ACTION-431 (edit) closed Draft plugin-related elaboration text (section 4ish?) Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-05-20
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Incorporate the changed industry standard to practices text Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 ISSUE-134
ACTION-433 (edit) closed Change robustness-apis-obscure-security-ui to include For visual user agents, browser chrome SHOULD always be present to signal security context information. This requirement does not apply when UI is explicitly dismissed by the user, e.g. by switching to full screen mode." Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 ConformanceChrome
ACTION-434 (edit) closed Add robustness-obscuring xrefs to identity signal and TLS signal Anil Saldhana 2008-05-31
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Update 7.1.2 to contain the proposed text (superceding earlier changes) Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 MultiPageChrome
ACTION-436 (edit) closed Update section 7.4.1 with the proposed text Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 SizeMatters
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Update 7.4.4 to use SHOULD instead of [MAY|SHOULD] Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 RestrictPopups
ACTION-438 (edit) closed Draft alternate text around requiring saved SSL state Thomas Roessler 2008-05-20 ISSUE-169
ACTION-439 (edit) closed Remove relaxed path validation section and references Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 relaxedpathvalidation
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Remove Conformance Labels section 3.2 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 RemoveEmptiness
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Draft list of workgroups in response to ISSUE-74 Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 ISSUE-74
ACTION-442 (edit) closed Rephrase 5.1.6 as described Anil Saldhana 2008-06-14 wsc-xit
ACTION-443 (edit) closed Include proposal v6 changes to 6.4.4 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-20 Be the user's agent and do their bidding
ACTION-444 (edit) closed Take XHR-over-https questions to webapi Thomas Roessler 2008-05-20
ACTION-445 (edit) closed Remove the quoted section of TLS Errors, concerned with failed status revocation checks Anil Saldhana 2008-06-10 ISSUE-201
ACTION-446 (edit) closed Draft uncontroversial text to update section 3.1 and insert it Thomas Roessler 2008-06-10 ISSUE-202
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Petname refinement on presentation Anil Saldhana 2008-05-23 wsc-xit
ACTION-448 (edit) closed clarify cert status and network errors Anil Saldhana 2008-06-04 wsc-xit
ACTION-449 (edit) closed Luis' editorial updates Anil Saldhana 2008-06-07 wsc-xit
ACTION-450 (edit) closed Update section 5.3 (Mixed Content) to include proposal 2 text Anil Saldhana 2008-05-29 ISSUE-200
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Add extension text to section 4.1, and possibly merge/reorg sections 3 and 4 Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 Plugin Problems
ACTION-452 (edit) closed Update 5.5.1 with wiki text, and possibly edit 5.1.5 to avoid "pinning" repetition Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-453 (edit) closed Provide initial draft of security considerations for EV mixed with DV case Yngve Pettersen 2008-05-30 securityconsiderations
ACTION-454 (edit) closed Add section 9.2 based on issue-205 text Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-455 (edit) closed Dd that wording to 5.1.2 Johnathan Nightingale 2008-05-21
ACTION-456 (edit) closed Say why validated certs are worthy of so much reliance, for security considerations Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 securityconsiderations
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Give overview of why logotypes are interesting in security considerations section Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-06-11 securityconsiderations
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Add a couple of sentences about what the security consideration section means Anil Saldhana 2008-06-20 securityconsiderations
ACTION-459 (edit) closed Do issue-207 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Include ISSUE-208 text in section 9 (with edits as needed) Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 human readable names
ACTION-461 (edit) closed Alter 6.4.1 accordingly Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-462 (edit) closed Correct link words that have a definition (such as Web user agents) in the first occurrence in a subsection Anil Saldhana 2008-06-20
ACTION-463 (edit) closed Add ISSUE-210 text to section 9, with edit to reference "managing user attention" section Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 Warning Fatigue
ACTION-464 (edit) closed Merge acknowledgments (sections 10 and 2) to 2 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-465 (edit) closed Remove sqbrackets from identity signal section Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06 nosqbrackets
ACTION-466 (edit) closed Create an issue for concrete proposals around "can we just make text generic to not refer to desktops or smart phones or hand held devices" Anil Saldhana 2008-06-20
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Cut off "before " e.g. by switching to Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Make spelling changes in ISSUE-209 Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-469 (edit) closed Cut off action433 result before the "e.g. by switching to ....." Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-470 (edit) closed Create FPWD of best practices for web authors, remove section 8 and references from wsc-xit Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Replace text in 6.1.1 and 6.3 as drafted above. Thomas Roessler 2008-05-21
ACTION-472 (edit) closed Drop "desktop" in 4.2.1 3rd and 5th paragraphs Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-473 (edit) closed Add "device manufactures" to list in 5.1.1, 2nd paragraphs Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21
ACTION-474 (edit) closed Drop word "desktop" in 7.2 1st paragraph Anil Saldhana 2008-05-21 Smartphones
ACTION-475 (edit) closed Move appendix content to a new document for "post-june" Thomas Roessler 2008-06-06
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Create list of usability claims and issues for potential testing of petnames section 5.1.6 Tyler Close 2008-05-28
ACTION-477 (edit) closed Put soaps position paper in shared bookmarks Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-07-18
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Pull together UT background on 7.1.1 robustness recommendation (shared secret) Joe Steele 2008-07-17
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Pull together usability testing data from archives in 2 weeks Maritza Johnson 2008-06-04
ACTION-480 (edit) closed compile feature list for sections 5 and 6 Bill Doyle 2009-03-10
ACTION-481 (edit) closed write up initial thoughts on section 7 conformance testing Thomas Roessler 2008-06-15
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Massage ACTION-453 text slightly and merge it into document Thomas Roessler 2008-06-18
ACTION-483 (edit) closed Turn "MUST NOT unless" into something without negation, around "history mechanism about security information", context pinning Thomas Roessler 2008-06-18
ACTION-484 (edit) closed Figure out whether mixed mode conformance claims are accurate for images Johnathan Nightingale 2008-06-18
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Insert "derived" in "web user agents MUST NOT display identity information from" Thomas Roessler 2008-06-18
ACTION-486 (edit) closed Rewrite redirection chains part Johnathan Nightingale 2008-06-18
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Review and polish Overview section Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-06-18
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Change short name from wsc-xit to wsc-ui Thomas Roessler 2008-06-25
ACTION-489 (edit) closed Take care of publication of wsc-ui as Last Call WD Thomas Roessler 2008-07-15
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Scour web and attempt to synthesize out "commonly recommended practices" for web authors Johnathan Nightingale 2008-08-08
ACTION-491 (edit) closed Poll group members for site authoring expertise Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-07-16
ACTION-492 (edit) closed Contact ebay about paypal web authoring best practices Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-10-17
ACTION-493 (edit) closed Write up guidelines section related to sanitizing user data Johnathan Nightingale 2008-10-24
ACTION-494 (edit) closed Contact rob y about web authoring guidelines and security Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-07-25
ACTION-495 (edit) closed Get tlr to help us figure out what form a test procedure takes Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-09-25
ACTION-496 (edit) closed Fill out the Opera column in our features at risk table Yngve Pettersen 2008-09-16
ACTION-497 (edit) closed Fill out the FF column in our features at risk table Johnathan Nightingale 2008-08-08
ACTION-498 (edit) closed Write up plan for gettign to CR entry Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-11-01
ACTION-499 (edit) closed Frame review of contnt transform guidelines Thomas Roessler 2008-08-13
ACTION-500 (edit) closed Inquire phb about ev cert for test environment Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-08-20
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Ask if Microsoft has expertise for our site development draft Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-11-01
ACTION-502 (edit) closed drive test case matrix for 6.12 Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-09-03
ACTION-503 (edit) closed Frame discussion about interaction of navigation policy and security indicators Tyler Close 2008-09-03
ACTION-504 (edit) closed Propose comment on mobileOK test; propose on list with 24h objection period Thomas Roessler 2008-09-03
ACTION-505 (edit) closed Propose comment re https lnk rewriting, client-side certs and channel bindings Thomas Roessler 2008-09-03
ACTION-506 (edit) closed Update reference to 5280 Thomas Roessler 2008-09-03
ACTION-507 (edit) closed Propose detailed edit in response to Thomas Roessler 2008-09-09
ACTION-508 (edit) closed Draft spec language about downgrading indicators to level of least-secure frame Ian Fette 2008-09-10
ACTION-509 (edit) closed Draft additional security considerations about assumption that DV not issued wehn AA is available Tyler Close 2009-01-29
ACTION-510 (edit) closed Draft "security state change needs to be in user's face" language Joe Steele 2008-09-10
ACTION-511 (edit) closed fill in feature table with Google Chrome information, generally come back with feed-back Ian Fette 2008-10-20
ACTION-512 (edit) closed Incorporate LC-2059 changes Anil Saldhana 2008-12-21
ACTION-513 (edit) closed Propose response for petname-related parts of LC-2088 Tyler Close 2009-01-15
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Propose change to 6.1.2 to accomodate "SHOULD NOT" concern for logotypes, possibly relating to overall AA language Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-10-17
ACTION-515 (edit) closed Propose tightened text in 7.2 Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-09-26
ACTION-516 (edit) closed Put information about upcoming f2f on group homepage Thomas Roessler 2008-10-01
ACTION-517 (edit) closed Check EV expectations for subjectAltName Yngve Pettersen 2008-10-07
ACTION-518 (edit) closed Refine text above this action in the minutes Thomas Roessler 2008-10-10
ACTION-519 (edit) closed Solicit input on wildcard implementation Thomas Roessler 2008-10-01
ACTION-520 (edit) closed Draft explanation of wildcard & scaling of attacks Thomas Roessler 2008-10-10
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Propose clarification for 7.1.1 Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-11-01
ACTION-522 (edit) closed Send the email Thomas Roessler 2008-10-15
ACTION-523 (edit) closed Answer to Jo Rabin re HTTPS beahvior in MWBP guidelines Thomas Roessler 2008-10-15
ACTION-524 (edit) closed Come back with a counteroffer on this one, narrow the scope of the information to be kept to just security sensitive info Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-10-15
ACTION-525 (edit) closed Add future-proofing note to AA and O attribute Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05
ACTION-526 (edit) closed Add reference to OCSP Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05
ACTION-527 (edit) closed Propose response to Francois Daoust's comment Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-12-20
ACTION-528 (edit) closed Write up some motivation/guidance on petnames, addressing Ian Grigg's comment Tyler Close 2009-01-15
ACTION-529 (edit) closed Insert references to Key Continuity Management (KCM) in the sections on certificate pinning, since the linkage seems unclear from review comments Anil Saldhana 2009-01-30
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Add preamble text which scopes our audience. While the document is intended to give UI guidance, there is an assumption that a certain level of understanding of core PKI technologies is present. Anil Saldhana 2008-10-22
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Try to tease apart aspects of the document which are UI Guidelines in the traditional sense, and aspects which are principally about underlying technologies Maritza Johnson 2008-11-04
ACTION-532 (edit) closed Write preamble which sets expectations for UI designers, resolves Conformance/Guidelines debate, ends world hunger Mary Ellen Zurko 2008-12-20
ACTION-533 (edit) closed Ensure that the reference in 3.4.3 to AA-qualified certificates points to text with an EV reference Anil Saldhana 2008-11-05
ACTION-534 (edit) closed Propose replacement text for 7.4.2 Ian Fette 2009-01-22
ACTION-535 (edit) closed Add note to 5.1.5 that notes that SSC can provide protection against active attacks if KCM is in place Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Add CN mismatch as an example of what 6.4.1. means into spec Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05
ACTION-537 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-216 change Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05 ISSUE-216
ACTION-538 (edit) closed Draft two proposals for 6.2.G Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05
ACTION-539 (edit) closed Clarify first paragraph of 6.2 Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05 ISSUE-219
ACTION-540 (edit) closed Fix 6.2.N, to clarify that this is not about client authentication Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05 ISSUE-220
ACTION-541 (edit) closed Update spec re ISSUE-222 Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05 ISSUE-222
ACTION-542 (edit) closed Update 7.1.2 (see minutes above this action) Thomas Roessler 2008-12-05 ISSUE-223
ACTION-543 (edit) closed Replace 7.2 text with tightened version Anil Saldhana 2008-10-30 wsc-xit
ACTION-544 (edit) closed Make the text changes for Tylers proposal Anil Saldhana 2008-11-14
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Put together "rearranged" document for review Maritza Johnson 2008-11-19
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Change 6.1.2 as described above this action item Thomas Roessler 2008-12-10 ISSUE-216
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Deal with typos from LC-2059 Thomas Roessler 2008-12-23
ACTION-548 (edit) closed Add the tightened text for 7.2 Anil Saldhana 2008-12-16 wsc-xit
ACTION-549 (edit) closed Integrate text clarification for 5.4.1 Anil Saldhana 2008-12-16 wsc-xit
ACTION-550 (edit) closed Incorporate ACTION-525 text into editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-551 (edit) closed Put second option from ACTION-538 into editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-552 (edit) closed Put text from ACTION-539 into editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-553 (edit) closed Take change from into draft Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-554 (edit) closed Take mez's intro section into the document, modulo the guidelines intending stuff, and core PKI technologies being used on the Web Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-555 (edit) closed Send e-mail with proposed update to petnames proposal along lines of discussion above Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-556 (edit) closed Put in reference to Marc Stiegler's petnames paper Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-557 (edit) closed Replace par. 2 of 6.1.1 with above text Thomas Roessler 2009-01-14
ACTION-558 (edit) closed Include change from Thomas Roessler 2009-01-16
ACTION-559 (edit) closed Clarify OID / OOB designation issue in beginning of 5.1.2, see 9/24 minutes and LC-2088 Thomas Roessler 2009-01-16
ACTION-560 (edit) closed Propose regrets section text for petnames Tyler Close 2009-01-21
ACTION-561 (edit) closed Propose regrets section text for key continuity management Johnathan Nightingale 2009-01-21
ACTION-562 (edit) closed Add some text to clarify PKI and relevant sections Anil Saldhana 2009-01-28
ACTION-563 (edit) closed Change 6.1.2 bullet about SHOULD NOT render logotypes -> MUST NOT render Anil Saldhana 2009-01-21
ACTION-564 (edit) closed Drop \", or execution of privileged code\" Thomas Roessler 2009-02-04
ACTION-565 (edit) closed propose updated SOTD Thomas Roessler 2009-01-28
ACTION-566 (edit) closed Draft comment to MWBP Thomas Roessler 2009-02-04
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Incorporate ACTION-509 text Thomas Roessler 2009-02-17 wsc-xit
ACTION-568 (edit) closed Circulate updated SOTD Thomas Roessler 2009-02-20
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Update disposition of comments based on LC commenters replies Thomas Roessler 2009-02-20
ACTION-570 (edit) closed Write security considerations on cross-site xhr, scripts Thomas Roessler 2009-04-01
ACTION-571 (edit) closed Draft text about showing unrelated identity signals Joe Steele 2009-05-13
ACTION-572 (edit) closed Check ssl reference uri Thomas Roessler 2009-04-01
ACTION-573 (edit) closed Look at scoping for 6.4 Thomas Roessler 2009-04-01
ACTION-574 (edit) closed Draft initial response to Nokia comment, asking for refinement Thomas Roessler 2009-04-07
ACTION-575 (edit) closed Parse current spec text regarding img with bad TLS Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-576 (edit) closed Generate list of terms with links Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-577 (edit) closed Fix \"primary/secondiary UI vs primary/secondary Chrome\" Thomas Roessler 2009-07-17
ACTION-578 (edit) closed Clean up \"AAC\" vs \"AA certificate\" terminology Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-579 (edit) closed Put ACTION-570 text into document Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-580 (edit) closed Consider 5.1.2 clean-up Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-581 (edit) closed Propose clarification of pinning re domain name Thomas Roessler 2009-04-15
ACTION-582 (edit) closed Send test case description re broken inline content Thomas Roessler 2009-04-22
ACTION-583 (edit) closed Implement test cases re broken inline content Yngve Pettersen 2009-05-06
ACTION-584 (edit) closed Change 5.2, third <ol>, first bullet point to "TLS handshake used anonymous key exchange algorithm Thomas Roessler 2009-04-22
ACTION-585 (edit) closed Check on augmented assurance indicator Thomas Roessler 2009-05-01
ACTION-586 (edit) closed Create an additional sentence for the start of 6.1.1 to clarify what an identity signal is and address Nokia's comment Joe Steele 2009-05-13
ACTION-587 (edit) closed Change the word 'identity' to 'displayed' in 6.2 bullet 4 Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-588 (edit) closed Update 7.3 with the text When confronted with multiple modal interactions during a short amount time, users are known to exercise the default option (e.g., by pressing the Enter key repeatedly) until the sequence of modal interactions stops blocking the user's intended interaction. Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-589 (edit) closed Update 3.1 or 4.2.1 as it pleases you to say This specification addresses Web user agents as a product class. "Web user agents" and "user agents" are used synonymously in this document. Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-590 (edit) closed Update 7.4.1 to say Web user agents MUST prevent web content from obscuring, hiding, or disabling user interfaces that display security context information. Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-591 (edit) closed Take results from action-580 and drop them into the spec Anil Saldhana 2009-07-17
ACTION-592 (edit) closed Insert the text "A Web User Agent SHOULD NOT display a modal security dialog related to a Web Page which does not currently have focus. Security dialogs include prompts for user credentials, script errors and TLS errors." into a new section 7.3 Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-593 (edit) closed Append to 5.4.1 the text "When TLS error conditions occur, user agents MAY choose to abort the connection without any further user interaction. The guidelines in this section apply when user agents choose to cause a user interaction in the case of TLS error conditions." Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-594 (edit) closed Come up for concrete text for the second bullet in his email or decide not to pursue the issue Thomas Roessler 2009-05-20
ACTION-595 (edit) closed Changing the section 1 overview's last paragraph to the text identified in the minutes at Anil Saldhana 2009-05-20
ACTION-596 (edit) closed Read the spec and tell us what is bad, DUE 2009-05-27 Joe Steele 2009-05-27
ACTION-597 (edit) closed Deliver an updated version of the browser implementation table for Chrome with respect to the updated spec due 2009-06-05 Ian Fette 2010-02-05
ACTION-598 (edit) closed Deliver an updated version of the browser implementation table for Opera with respect to the updated spec due 2009-06-05 Yngve Pettersen 2010-01-22
ACTION-599 (edit) closed Deliver an updated version of the browser implementation table for Firefox with respect to the updated spec due 2009-06-05 Johnathan Nightingale 2010-01-15
ACTION-600 (edit) closed Create a template for the new browser implementation table for ian, yngve, johnath to follow Mary Ellen Zurko 2009-12-04
ACTION-601 (edit) closed Review wsc-ui concerning mismatch to ucr document Thomas Roessler 2009-05-27
ACTION-602 (edit) closed Add reference to 5.3 to section 6.1.2 (see minutes about this action item) Anil Saldhana 2009-06-03
ACTION-603 (edit) closed Replace last paragraph of 5.3 with text above Anil Saldhana 2009-06-03
ACTION-604 (edit) closed Check with Mez on 10.4 Thomas Roessler 2009-06-10
ACTION-605 (edit) closed Propose more detailed text about relationship to use case note, based on previous call's minutes Joe Steele 2009-06-24
ACTION-606 (edit) closed Attempt fixing yngve's point about TLS-protected or not Thomas Roessler 2009-06-10
ACTION-607 (edit) closed Propose changes in 5.4.1 to clarify end entity vs intermediaries Joe Steele 2009-06-10
ACTION-608 (edit) closed Perform substitution proposed in action-606 Thomas Roessler 2009-06-17
ACTION-609 (edit) closed Change final clause of 5.4.4 to if form submissions from a TLS-secured page are directed to an unsecured channel. Anil Saldhana 2009-07-17
ACTION-610 (edit) closed Make the change in ACTION-607 Anil Saldhana 2009-07-16
ACTION-611 (edit) closed Change 5.4.4 to MAY Anil Saldhana 2009-06-24
ACTION-612 (edit) closed Change 8.7 text to above (inculde "described above") Anil Saldhana 2009-07-01
ACTION-613 (edit) closed Ref 6.1 in 2nd paragraph of overview as described above Anil Saldhana 2009-07-01
ACTION-614 (edit) closed Change p3 to separate sentences as above Anil Saldhana 2009-07-01
ACTION-615 (edit) closed Add identity information definition to 4.2 Anil Saldhana 2009-07-01
ACTION-616 (edit) closed Change 5.12 and 3.4 appropriately as above Anil Saldhana 2009-07-17
ACTION-617 (edit) closed Fold text above into document Thomas Roessler 2009-07-15
ACTION-618 (edit) closed Make the 5.4.1 change in Joe's review comments Thomas Roessler 2009-07-15
ACTION-619 (edit) closed Make the 5.4.4 change in Joe's review comments Thomas Roessler 2009-07-15
ACTION-620 (edit) closed Replace second to last paragraph in 6.1.2 with the text "During interactions with a mixed content Web page, the identity signal MUST NOT include any site identity information exceeding that in use for unprotected HTTP transactions. In this situation, the identity signal MAY include indicators that point out any error conditions that occurred." Anil Saldhana 2009-07-22
ACTION-621 (edit) closed Clean up 7.4.1 such that "informatio" becomes "information" Anil Saldhana 2009-07-22
ACTION-622 (edit) closed Fix XHR references in 8.7 Thomas Roessler 2009-07-22
ACTION-623 (edit) closed Move revised ACTION-617 text into editor's draft, send note to list Thomas Roessler 2009-08-06
ACTION-624 (edit) closed Amend "web user agent" and "browser" as above Anil Saldhana 2009-10-08
ACTION-625 (edit) closed Specify that chrome refers to both primary and secondary ui Thomas Roessler 2009-12-31
ACTION-626 (edit) closed Make change in issue-228 (upcase) Anil Saldhana 2009-10-08
ACTION-627 (edit) closed Change "for" to "by" in last paragraph of 7.4.1 Anil Saldhana 2009-09-30
ACTION-628 (edit) closed Change the content based on ISSUE-230 Anil Saldhana 2009-10-14
ACTION-629 (edit) closed Strike 3rd para of 7.4.2 and ref 8.5 from 6.3 Thomas Roessler 2009-10-14
ACTION-630 (edit) closed Craft change to cover apis and tags for bookmarking Thomas Roessler 2009-10-14
ACTION-631 (edit) closed Put out email on the select issue and spec text Mary Ellen Zurko 2009-11-04
ACTION-632 (edit) closed Clarify in the specification Mary Ellen Zurko 2009-11-04
ACTION-633 (edit) closed Put out proposed update on install to clarify Mary Ellen Zurko 2009-11-04
ACTION-634 (edit) closed Propose wording change to 7.4.3 Mary Ellen Zurko 2009-11-04
ACTION-635 (edit) closed Clarify "install" in 7.4.2 Anil Saldhana 2009-11-27
ACTION-636 (edit) closed change "bookmark file" to "bookmarks" Anil Saldhana 2009-11-27
ACTION-637 (edit) closed Obscuring SCI Anil Saldhana 2009-11-27
ACTION-638 (edit) closed craft text on III + conformance claim for O and CN Thomas Roessler 2010-02-19
ACTION-639 (edit) closed Update implementation reports for LIX, LX Mary Ellen Zurko 2010-04-07
ACTION-640 (edit) closed Suggest clarification to interaction model to address **1** Joe Steele 2010-04-07
ACTION-641 (edit) closed Get back to timeless on **2** Mary Ellen Zurko 2010-04-07
ACTION-642 (edit) closed Annotate impl report on wobbliness of this requirement Mary Ellen Zurko 2010-04-07
ACTION-643 (edit) closed Find previous WG discussion on this point Mary Ellen Zurko 2010-04-07
ACTION-644 (edit) closed Fill in issues, create updated editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2010-04-07
ACTION-645 (edit) closed Adjust the text to remove HTTPS text in the definition Thomas Roessler 2010-04-14
ACTION-646 (edit) closed "by enforcing the constraints expressed in the associated data" Thomas Roessler 2010-04-21
ACTION-647 (edit) pending review Change clause XXVI back to CR language Thomas Roessler 2010-04-28

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